QBARS - v20n3 A New Executive Secretary

A New Executive Secretary

By action of the Board of Directors a new Executive Secretary of The American Rhododendron Society has been employed. She is Mrs. William I. Curtis, Sherwood, Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis operate the Wil-Chris Acres Nursery at that address. Mrs. Curtis took over the duties of the office on June 1.
Dr. J. Harold Clarke of Long Beach, Wash., will continue as the A. R. S. Editor. It seemed advisable to print the allocation of responsibilities to various offices so that members may address correspondence to the proper office for the information desired. The following division of duties was adopted by the Directors with the suggestion that it he printed in the Bulletin.

Responsibilities of Executive Secretary
a. Maintain financial records and make reports to state and I. R. S.
b. Maintain membership records.
c. Keep mailing list up to date.
d. Bill non-chapter members, advertisers, etc.
e. Maintain surety bond.
f. Supply dues statements, membership cards and any other necessary forms to chapter officers.
g. Supply information to chapters on organization and procedures.
h. Maintain inventory of books and older bulletins.
i. Answer letters concerning membership, publications and cultural information.
j. Serve as clearing house for chapter reports and requests.
k. Write and sign checks for the Society's bills.
1. Serve as general business and publicity agent for the Society.
m. Attend Board meetings.
Responsibilities of Editor
a. Edit the Quarterly Bulletin.
b. Edit a book every five years.
c. Edit other Society publications. If a new membership list is printed it would be the
responsibility of the Executive Secretary to provide the copy to the editor.
d. Make the necessary arrangements with printer, engraver, etc.
e. Solicit advertising, in cooperation with the Executive Secretary.
f. Register new varieties.
g. Attend Board meetings.
Responsibilities of Secretary-Treasurer
a. Record and distribute minutes of board meetings and annual meetings.
b. Co-sign checks.