QBARS - v20n4 Inter-Chapter Membership Contest

Inter-Chapter Membership Contest
Bob Comerford, Chm. A.R.S. Membership Committee

The membership contest is now drawing to a close: it ends Dec. 31. As I look over the list of very fine Rhododendrons and Azaleas donated I feel it is certainly worth working for. This year the plants donated are about five times the value of last year. Speaking of last year, Tacoma was the winner then and they say they fully intend to win again this year. With only two and a half months to go in the contest an extra effort should be made.
Two azaleas from S. D. Coleman Nurseries, Fort Gaines, Ga., have been added to the list of donations. They are: R. prinophyllum ; now listed as R. roseum " Clear pink to violet red. Upright medium height, pronounced clove scent. R. nudiflorum ; the Pinxterbloom.
One suggestion with the Holidays coming on would be a Gift Membership Subscription to your friends. Your chapter would get the benefit at the same time for the contest. You also might review your past membership list and contact any drop-outs.
You might tell each prospective member about the fun of participating in a very unique and dynamic society. The value and information received in the Bulletin is a five dollar value itself. Don't forget the fine seed exchange. The most extensive seed list I know of in the U.S. and some of this seed is available no where else in the world.
Here are some of the many good reasons to join the A.R.S. Why not each of us resolve to get at least one new member before the Holidays?