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Our Front Cover

'Ermine' is a Rudolph Henny hybrid, first introduced in the A.R.S. Plant Registry in the January 1960 Bulletin. This cross of 'Britannia' and 'Mrs. A. T. de la Mare' has shown a consistent growth habit which develops into a full rounded plant. Its foliage is a deep rich green, flourishing in full sun. This foliage background sets off exquisite, pure white, unspotted blossoms that are held in a full rounded truss. The individual florets are funnel campanulate shape, 3½ inches wide. Their heavy substance allows an extended blooming period beginning about the middle of May. 'Ermine' has proven itself hardy at 10 degrees below zero.
When more readily available in larger quantities it should be an excellent white variety for commercial distribution. It should be noted that the cover picture, by Louis C. Grothaus, was taken two weeks after the plant had reached peak flowering.