QBARS - v20n4 Portland Chapter Show 1966

Portland Chapter Rhododendron Show 1966
Mrs. A. R. Lindsley Sr.

In addition to the wondrous display of blossoms and blooming shrubs at the Crystal Springs Park site of the Portland Chapter annual Rhododendron Show, many improvements in the Park greeted the large number of visitors who attended the event on Saturday and Sunday of Mother's Day weekend, May 7-8.
Trophy winners were: George Clarke with his truss of 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling', winning the C. 1. Sersanous trophy for the finest truss in Show; Ed Parker, Dr. Corbin trophy for the most points; Cecil Smith, Dr. Goodman trophy for best New American Hybrid, R. aberconwayi X 'Lady Bligh'; A. W. Kraxberger with 'Earl of Athlone', won the Gov. Mark Hatfield trophy for best red truss; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Fraundorf with 'Naomi Glow', the John Henny trophy for best truss of a 'Naomi' variety; Mrs. A. G. Foxworthy, with 'Harvest Moon', the Frank L. McGuire trophy for best novice entry; Cecil Smith with 'Loderi King George', the Portland Savings and Loan trophy for best 'Loderi' truss; George Grace, with R. yakushimanum , the Dr. Berthelsdorf trophy for best species truss; Ed Parker, with R. valentinianum , the Dr. Goheen trophy for best spray of a species; Cecil Smith with 'Beauty of Littleworth', the President's trophy for best truss of featured rhododendron; Howard Slonecker, with 'Ginger', the Peter Binford trophy for best spray of deciduous azalea; Dr. David Goheen, with a Kurume hybrid, the Fred Meyers trophy for best spray of evergreen azalea; Cecil Smith, with 'Crest', the J. B. Whalley trophy for best yellow hybrid; Rocco Cappelli, the Alfred Teufel Nursery trophy for best commercial display; Comerford's, with R. yakushimanum X 'Mars #8', the Portland Chapter Trophy for best yakushimanum hybrid; Mrs. R. A. Montgomery with an arrangement for the Moreland Garden Club Unit 3, won the Pacific Stoneware Inc. trophy for best Flower Club arrangement.