QBARS - v20n4 Pictures Unrelated to Text: 'Cotton Candy', 'J. H. Van Nes' & 'C. I. S.'

Pictures Unrelated to Text

R. 'Cotton Candy' R. 'J. H. Van Nes'
Fig. 67.  R. 'Cotton Candy' displayed
in the Lester Brandt Exhibit at the
Show in Tacoma.
Photo by Cecil Smith
Fig. 69.  R. 'J. H. Van Nes' exhibited
by the Rhododendron Specialty
House of Puyallup.
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'C. I. S.'
Fig. 72.  Rhododendron 'C. I. S.' in
the exhibit of "Kammer's" of Puyallup
at the Tacoma Show.
Photo by Cecil Smith