QBARS - v21n1 Biltmore House and Gardens

Biltmore House and Gardens

Biltmore House, Asheville, N.C. Grove Park Inn, Asheville, N.C.
Fig. 5.  Biltmore House, Asheville, N.C., one of the
points of interest to be seen at the Annual meeting.
Fig. 6.  Grove Park Inn, Asheville,
N.C., where the Annual Meeting will
be held.

One of the show-places to be seen at the Annual Meeting will be the Biltmore House and Gardens. The great house of some 250 rooms is one of the finest, if not the finest, mansion in the country. It was built by Mr. George W. Vanderbilt, opening in 1895. The house is filled with art treasures and represents a standard of building and furnishings which may never be matched in the future. Paintings, tapestries and art objects of all kinds are to be seen in the magnificently decorated rooms. The estate was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted, probably the most famous landscape architect of that era. The garden area includes a famous azalea garden, containing one of the most complete collections of native American azaleas. There are also extensive plantings of other azaleas, rhododendrons and many other ornamental trees and shrubs in the gardens and along the many miles of driveway.