QBARS - v21n1 Ted Greig

Ted Greig
By the Vancouver Chapter

Plantsmen and women will sorrow with us in the sudden passing on December 1st of Ted Greig and join with us in extending warm and sincere sympathy Mary. We have lost a good friend, a gentle man, an authority, a valued lecturer and a popular judge. Ted Greig was one of the very few people we have known about whom we never heard anyone say anything unkind.
His death has removed from the horticultural scene of North America yet another of that fast dwindling group of true plantsmen with exceptional interest in and knowledge of the rare and unusual. Rhododendrons for which he was so well known in the Society was but one of his interests.
Ted knew rare alpines as well as anyone, with the exception of his friend Mrs. Berry of Portland, and he grew and introduced many choice plants in his early nursery days.
His love of wild flowers probably transcended everything. He sought them at every opportunity in British Columbia, the Pacific North West, the Rocky Mountains and latterly the high country of Oregon and California.
His generosity knew no bounds. Giving his plants to anyone who showed an interest has spread rare and choice things through many a private garden. His delight in receiving was charming; he was always thrilled to be given something.
When Ted and Mary received their Gold Medal at Tacoma in May his obvious pleasure and pride was a joy for all to see. No couple deserved it more.
One remembers one's close friends in a series of vivid short scenes. A favorite one occurred when the local Chapter was visiting Royston. He is standing, for the moment completely divorced from the chattering around him, gazing into space. He had just been told by someone that they were about to go to the Siskiyou Mountains, and Ted was already there. The month of May was a poor time to leave their nursery and go collecting, but Ted went anyway.
We are pleased that Ted saw his and Mary's unique Rhododendron collection moved (except for many of their favorites) into the care of the Vancouver Parks Board.