QBARS - v21n1 Membership Contest

Membership Contest

The membership contest for 1966 ended on December 31 with Tappan Zee Chapter as the winner with a net gain of 56%. North Kitsap Chapter was second and Tualatin Valley third.
The list of plants offered to the winning Chapter is printed in the April and October Bulletins. The prize list includes some thirty-six plants going to the Chapter to be used as it wishes. They could be divided among the members, auctioned off, or used in a display planting at the pleasure of the Chapter. Some of these plants are listed at prices as high as $25.00 per plant.
Our nurserymen friends who have made the contest possible by donating the plants for the grand prize include Kammer's, Puyallup, Washington; Briggs Nursery, Olympia, Washington; Warren Baldsiefen, Bellvale, New York; Ted Van Veen, Portland, Oregon; Indian Run Nursery (Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Heuser), Robbinsville, New Jersey; James S. Wells Nursery, Red Bank, New Jersey; Peter E. Girard (Girard Nurseries), Geneva, Ohio; A. Shammarello and Son Nurseries, South Euclid, Ohio; and S. D. Coleman Nurseries, Fort Gaines, Georgia.
Bob Comerford of Marion, Oregon, Chairman of the Membership Committee announces that a membership contest will be carried on in 1967. Full details are not available as yet but the contest will be based, as in past years, on total net increase in Chapter membership, and the prize will go to the Chapter. There will be another prize to go to the Chapter having the smallest percentage of dropouts for the year.
The growth of the Society depends on getting new members every year, but also on holding the old members. Those who drop out do so, in many cases, simply because they were a little negligent in sending in their dues and not because they have lost interest. It is hoped that this phase of the membership contest will encourage Chapter members to make a special effort to see that all of their old members continue active.
We hope to be able to print a list of the plants donated for the 1967 contest. Judging by past experience, the value will be high and most of the varieties will be relatively new and desirable. Watch for further announcements and lists of plants offered as prizes, and start working for that total net increase for your Chapter.