QBARS - v21n1 Display Garden Progress at Princeton

Display Garden Progress at Princeton

The initial announcement of the establishing of a Display Garden sponsored by the Princeton, N.J. Chapter  was made in the October 1964 Bulletin. Member John Obal, an outstanding landscape designer, drew up plans  for a garden on the campus of The Hun School in front of the stone mansion formerly known as Edgerstoune, in  Princeton. Shade for the Garden is provided by the original planting of trees on Edgerstoune consisting of  sycamores, beeches, lindens, locust, yellowwood (Cladrastris), white and red oak, Mediterranean maple, Chinese  cork, Virginia juniper, pines and hemlocks. They all range between 75 and 100 years old.
To date 195 plants comprising 56 varieties and species have been set in - Ironclads, Dexters, Gables,  Nearings and Shammarellos represent most of the varieties. In addition we are testing (or trying out) several  varieties which are on the borderline of hardiness for our area but feel that this will add interest and usefulness.  Sizes are from 12" to 36" X 36". R. catawbiense , carolinianum , smirnowii , fortunei , mucronulatum and mucronulatum Pink, keiskei and racemosum represent the species. Individual plants and groups of plants of  species and varieties will be added as they become available. People interested (from nearby or faraway) in  contributing plants may contact Hans Bussink, chairman of the Display Garden. All material will be greatly  appreciated and acknowledged.
Assorted azaleas-deciduous and evergreen-including Gables, Exburys and species will be spotted throughout the Garden along with other interesting Ericaceae including Pieris japonica , Leucothoe catesbaei , Enkianthus and ground cover.
Perimeter background plantings made in 1965 consist of hemlock, birch, Taxus cuspidata , Euonymous alatus , Ilex microphylla , Ilex opaca and Pinus strobus . To be added are R. maximum on the perimeter and flowering trees of the Prunus and Cornus genera placed for additional effect.
Plants have been purchased with the proceeds of successful plant sales held annually since 1963, from prominent growers and marketers in our area. Most generous of the suppliers have been Indian Run Nursery-Dr. and Mrs. Leon Heuser, Mr. and Mrs. John Obal-Obals Garden Market. Mrs. Betsi Kelius and the Hun School have contributed plants.
A Nearing Frame, built and maintained by the Chapter, is now producing young plants developed from rooted cuttings contributed by the membership for the Garden.
A cordial invitation is extended to all who are interested in the "all year round" garden plant to visit the Garden when in the area. We will be happy to receive comments and suggestions.
The Chapter is deeply indebted to Mrs. Josephine Heuser for her efforts in the successful establishment and development of the Display Garden and the Nearing Frame and management of the annual sales which provide that essential known as 'working capital.'