QBARS - v21n1 Annual Meeting - Garden Tour

Annual Meeting - Garden Tour

Rhododendron enthusiasts and their companions have been invited by Mr. Ralph Van Landingham, Jr., to visit his garden and to be his guests for a buffet luncheon on May 10, 1967 at his home, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Members will find the Van Landingham rhododendron collection of outstanding interest.
Starting in 1960, Mr. Van Landingham has accumulated well over 1000 flowering size plants of more than 150 different named hybrids, including many of the very latest introductions. In addition to the hybrid rhododendrons the garden offers a most impressive collection of named Exbury azaleas, interesting rhododendron species and hundreds of Knaphill, Mollis, and Exbury azalea seedlings.
This garden, of about five acres is shaded by century-old oak trees, and is essentially a rhododendron trial garden; however, there are other areas of landscape and garden interest, such as the rose garden in a sunny spot.
If interest warrants, transportation from Asheville to Charlotte can be arranged by chartered bus, including transportation from the Van Landingham garden to the Charlotte airport.