QBARS - v21n2 Heritage Plantation Formed

Heritage Plantation Formed

The Dexter Estate has been renamed and will be known as the Heritage Plantation in the future. This horticultural landmark in Sandwich, Massachusetts was purchased by Josiah K. Lilly, III of West Falmouth, Massachusetts from S. Stanley Berns of Brookline, Massachusetts. Nelson O. Price, director of Peninsula Management and also of West Falmouth will help Mr. Lilly in the reorganization plans. Jack Cowles will be retained as horticulturist.
Widely known for its Rhododendron collection, the seventy-six acre plantation was begun over fifty years ago by the late Charles O. Dexter. The estate will be maintained intact. Mr. Dexter pioneered efforts to improve American gardens by hybridizing and testing ornamentals from other regions. Plans are to maintain the present plantings of evergreens and specimen flowering ornamentals. Additional collections will be made of noteworthy plant material for display and further hybridizing.
The estate will be open to the public during the season as it has been in the past.