QBARS - v21n3 Notable Rhododendrons in the United Kingdom

Some Notable Rhododendrons In the United Kingdom

Note: This is the title of an address given at the Annual Banquet by Mr. Knight who has been, for a number of years, Director of the famous Wisley Gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society and head of the Horticultural School of that Society. The address was informal and most interesting but difficult to bring to our members who were unable to attend as it consisted of slides and remarks about them. Mr. Knight was kind enough to give me a list of the slides indicating the names of the plants and the Gardens in which they were photographed. That list is reproduced herewith as it gives some indication of which gardens Mr. Knight felt contained the more notable Rhododendron specimens, and also the varieties or species he felt were outstanding and worthy of being photographed and shown. - Ed

Slides Shown by Mr. Knight
Map of United Kingdom
arboreum , Himalaya
arboreum , a fine red form
sino-grande var. boreales , Grande (the northern form)

albrechtii , s. Azalea, s.s. Canadense, Central Northern Japan

macabeanum , s. Grande. Kingdon Ward from Manipur
macabeanum , (close up), after Mr. McCabe, Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills
strigillosum , s. Barbatum, s.s. Maculiferum. Szechwan
sino-grande , s. Grande. Yunnan, Upper Burma, S.E. Tibet
bullatum , s. Edgeworthii. Yunnan, S.E. Tibet, N.E. Upper Burma
Caerhays Castle
View of Castle with wooded slopes behind
williamsianum , s. Thomsonii s.s. williamsianum. Szechwan
'Michael's Pride' ( burmanicum x dalhousiae ) after Charles Michael
orbiculare x decorum
'Mrs. G. W. Leak' ('Chevalier Felix de Sauvage' x 'Coombe Royal') Koster 1916
Werrington Park

augustinii , s. Triflorum s.s. Augustinii. Hupeh, Szechwan, Yunnan, Upper Burma

lacteum , s. Lacteum. Yunnan, Szechwan, Burma

'Temple Belle' ( orbiculare x williamsianum )
'Temple Belle', (close up)
'Humming Bird' ( haematodes x williamsianum )
'Humming Bird', (close up)
forrestii var. repens , s. Neriiflorum s.s. Forrestii S.E. Tibet, Yunnan, Burma
border measuring 54 ft. by 3'6" in flower in September
racemosum , s. Scabrifolium. Yunnan, Szechwan. A good pink form raised from cuttings
General view. Tulip tree ( Liriodendron tulipifera ) in foreground
Knight's Hayes
yunnanense , s. Triflorum s.s. Yunnanense. China
keysii , s. Cinnabarinum. Tibet, Bhutan, Assam
'Lady Berry' ('Rosy Bell' x 'Royal Flush')
'Lady Roseberry' ( cinnabarinum var. roylei x 'Royal Flush', pink form)
cubittii , s. Maddenii ss. Ciliicalyx. N. Burma, tender
General View
augustinii , large group
'Cowslip' ( wardii x williamsianum ), Aberconway 1937
'Ibex' ( griersonianum x pocophorum ), Rothschild 1941
'Idealist' ('Naomi' x wardii ), Rothschild 1941
'Jasper' ( dichroanthum x 'Lady Bessborough'), Rothschild 1911
'Naomi Exbury' ('Aurora' x fortunei) , Rothschild 1926
General view of woodland
campylocarpum , s. Thomsonii s.s. Campylocarpum. Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, Tibet
'Loderi King George' ( fortunei x griffithianum )
'Red Glow' ('Halopeanum' x thomsonii )
Sheffield Park
'Loderi' forms
'Purple Splendour'
'Infanta' ( griersonianum x 'Isabella')
'Calfort' ( calophytum x fortunei )
'Blue Tit' ( augustinii x impeditum )
aberconwayi , s. and s.s. Irroratum. Yunnan
orbiculare , s. Fortunei s.s. Orbiculare. W. Szechwan
thomsonii , s. and s.s. Thomsonii. Sikkim, Nepal. Bhutan, Tibet
camtschaticum , s. Camtschaticum. Alaska, Bering Straits, N. Japan
'Moonshine', 'Adriaan Koster' x litiense
'Shepherd's Morning', 'Naomi' x 'Norman Gill'
'Mrs. Furnival', in Trials. Knaphill about 1920. F.C.C. 1948
'Mrs. Furnival', (close-up)
'Elspeth', also as 'Elspeth Slocock' ( campylocarpum hybrid)
'Ems', 'Purple Splendour' x forrestii var. repens , Hobbie, Germany
Trials Bed of Evergreen Azaleas
Deciduous Azalea, 'Thames'
Chelsea Show Exhibit of Evergreen Azaleas
Savill Gardens and Valley Gardens, Windsor Great Park
imperator , s. Uniflorum. Burma
reticulatum , s. Azalea, s.s. Schlippenbachii. Japan
forrestii var. repens , K.W. 6832. F.C.C.
yakusimanum , s. Ponticum s.s. Caucasicum. Isle of Yakusima,  Japan
hyperythrum , s. Ponticum, s.s. Caucasicum, Formosa
vaseyi , s. Azalea, s.s. Canadense. N. Carolina
lanigerum , 'Round Wood', K.W. 6258. s.and s.s. Arboreum, cut sprays shown at Vincent Square
Evergreen Azaleas in Punch Bowl
'William Wright Smith' ( nuttallii x veitchianum ) under glass
Royal Botanic Rhododendron Gardens, Kew
Broad Walk
'Cynthia' in Broad Walk
'Lovely William', euchaites x williamsianum (Horlick)
Kurume Azaleas and Japanese Gate
Richmond Park
Evergreen Azaleas
Deciduous Azaleas in Slocock's Nursery
Sunningdale Nursery
'Blandyanum' ('Altaclarense' x catawbiense ) 1850
Plants shown were exhibited at Chiswick in 1853
'Blandyanum', standard tree in John Waterer's Nursery (over 80 years old)
wightii s. Lacteum. Sikkim, Bhutan; in the old Mangles garden at Littleworth
Group of Mangles' Hybrids. 'Agnes Beaufort', 'Beauty of Littleworth' and 'Mrs. Frank Mangles'
North Wales
Group of williamsianum , augustinii and haematodes
Group of rigidum , yunnanense , glaucophyllum , intricatum ,
'Yeoman' ( choremia x repens ) and Magnolia veitchii
Group of orbiculare , cinnabarinum var. roylei , 'Elizabeth' and 'Youthful Sin'
cinnabarinum var. roylei , s. Cinnabarinum. Bhutan, S.E. Tibet
'Youthful Sin' ( cinnabarinum x yunnanense )
orbiculare , 1,700 trusses
'Elizabeth' ( forrestii var. repens x griersonianum ) F.C.C.
'Vanessa' ( griersonianum x 'Soulbut')
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
bainbridgeanum , s. Barbatum s.s. Crinigerum, S.E. Tibet
basilicum , s. Falconeri. Yunnan, N.E. Upper Burma
beanianum , s. Neriiflorum s.s. Haematodes, S.E. Tibet, Assam
floribundum , s. Arboreum s.s. Argyrophyllum, Szechwan



fletcherianum , s. Maddenii s.s. Ciliicalyx. Rock 22302. S.E. Tibet

cephalanthum var. crebreflorum, s. Anthopogan. Assam

'Ptarmigan' (leucaspis x microleucum ) F.C.C. 1965

souliei , best pink, s. Thomsonii s.s. Souliei

Lochinch Castle Isle of Gigha
General view of Castle and grounds
Mass planting of rhododendrons around Round Pond
'Praecox' ( ciliatum x dauricum ) Davies 1800
moupinense , s Moupinense, Szechwan
'Brocade' ('Vervaeniana' x williamsianum )
General view in autumn
neriiflorum subsp. euchaites , Yunnan, Upper Burma
falconeri , s. Falconeri, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan
fulvum , s. Fulvum, China, Burma, Tibet, Assam
rubiginosum , s. Heliolepis. Szechwan, Yunnan
Isle of Arran
Brodick Castle
mollyanum , s. Grande. S.E. Tibet
mollyanum , truss shown at Vincent Square
magnificum , s. Grande. Burma-Tibet frontier
magnificum , truss shown at Vincent Square
magnificum , new young growths
giganteum , s. Grande. Forrest 19335. F.C.C. Yunnan
delavayi , s. and s.s. Arboreum (Chinese arboreum ) Yunnan, Burma
arizelum , s. Falconeri. Yunnan, Upper Burma
sidereum , 'Glen Rosa', s. Grande. N.E. Upper Burma, Yunnan
falconeri , s. Falconeri. Sikkim, Nepal to Bhutan
falconeri , close up of truss
Mr. Basford packing rhododendrons for R.H.S. Show
Northern Ireland
hanceanum 'Nanum', s. Triflorum s.s. Hanceanum. Szechwan
hodgsonii , s. Falconeri. Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan
pseudochrysanthum , s. Barbatum s.s. Maculiferum. Formosa
grande , s. Grande. Sikkim and Bhutan