QBARS - v21n3 Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina-May 9, 1967
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Secretary-Treasurer

W. H. "Buck" Thorne
Fig. 40.  Mr. W. H. "Buck" Thorne, Pres.
of the Southeastern Chapter, and a genial
host to the A.R.S. at its Annual Meeting.
Photo by C. A. Mashburn .

Mr. W. H. Thorne, President of the Southeastern Chapter presided at the annual business meeting starting at 8:00 P.M. on May 9, 1967, at the Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina. Mr. Thorne introduced the local committee which included:
Mr. W. R. Garren, Show Chairman; Mr. E. D. Mitchell, Sr., Publicity; Mr. Sam B. 'Fate and Mr. C. A. Mashburn, Registration; Mrs. George Cecil, Garden Visitation; Mrs. Traynham Houston, Transportation; Mrs. Francis Field, Meals and Hospitality; Mr. Walter Allen, Properties; Mrs. W. H. Thorne, Table Decorations and Favors; Dr. Ernest H. Yelton, Program; Dr. John B. Scroggin and Mr. James R. Todd, Jr., Advertising and Brochure.
Mr. Thorne then introduced Mr. Edward B. Dunn, President of the American Rhododendron Society, who in turn introduced the national officers present. These include Vice-President, Dr. Carl Phetteplace; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Robert Ticknor;  Editor, Dr. J. Harold Clarke; and National Board members, Mrs. Esther Berry, Mr. Alfred Martin, Mr. Cecil Smith, and Dr. Thomas Wheeldon.
Mr. E. D. Mitchell, Sr. presented a gavel made of Rhododendron maximum wood to President Dunn.

The results of the national election were as follows: President-Edward B. Dunn
Vice-President-Dr. Carl Phetteplace Secretary-Treasurer-Dr. Robert Ticknor Directors-Mr. Charles H. Anderson; Mrs. Robert Berry; Mr. Merle Cisney; Mr. Robert Comerford; Mr. Russell Coovert; Mr. Alfred Martin
The treasurer's report gave the balance in the Societies fund (checking account and publications inventory) for the years since 1960. These were:

As at April 30, 1960: $10,693.42
As at April 30, 1961: $15,612.73
As at April 30, 1962: $13,641.73
As at April 30, 1963: $ 9,099.65
As at April 30, 1964: $ 9,256.04
As at April 30, 1965: $ 8,367.46
As at Dec, 31, 1965: $ 4,519.23
As at Dec, 31, 1966: $ 5,811.61

It is hoped that a more adequate reserve can be built up with the increased dues starting in 1968. Actually the total cash disbursements for 1966 were $12,327.31 whip the income from the membership was only $10,169.40. The difference was made up by sale of publications, advertising and seeds.
A complete financial report appears in the April, 1967, bulletin.
The chapter roll call indicated the following chapters were represented at the annual meeting: California, Connecticut, Eugene, Gray's Harbor, Great Lakes, Indianapolis, Middle Atlantic, Mid-West, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Princeton, Seattle, Southeastern, Southern, Tacoma, Vancouver. There are now over 3,000 members in the Society. There are twenty-three active chapters and others are in the planning stage.
Brief comments were made on the activities of the committees of the Society by President Dunn. It was announced that the 1968 annual meeting will be in Eugene, Oregon, and a bid for the 1969 annual meeting has been received from Ida Cason, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia. A new policy on Awards has been adopted which includes gold, silver, and bronze medals for different categories. The new book should be available in the fall. A brochure on cultural information has been published. The seed exchange has had another successful year. The by-laws have been passed by the membership.
Dues have been raised to $7.50 for 1968. This is the first change in dues since the Society was organized in 1945 and will help meet the higher costs for both the chapters and the national organization. President Dunn mentioned some of the activities the Society should undertake. These include studies of heat resistant varieties and tropical varieties; creation of a national library of books and slides; exchange of program material; and, further expansion of display and test gardens.
President Dunn expressed his special thanks to Director Alfred Martin of the Philadelphia Chapter who has attended many of the national directors' meetings on the west coast to represent the eastern chapters.
Vice-President Phetteplace, acting as chairman of the honors committee, presented Mr. Josiah Brooks of Asheville, North Carolina, and Mr. Cecil Smith of Aurora, Oregon, to President Dunn who read the citations and presented to each the gold medal of the Society.
Dr. Ernest H. Yelton, chairman of the program committee, presented the banquet speaker Mr. Frank P. Knight, V. M. H., Director of the Wisley Garden of the Royal Horticultural Society of England, who spoke on "Some Notable Rhododendrons in the United Kingdom."
The meeting adjourned at 10:00 P.M.