QBARS - v22n3 Grays Harbor Chapter Show

Grays Harbor Chapter Show
Mrs. Clarence Burlingame

The Grays Harbor Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society was commended Saturday by its show judges who commented that the size of the individual trusses which they examined was unusually large.
The rosette for Best Truss in the Show was awarded to Mrs. James Haines, who also scored first in points for the Sweepstakes. Running only two points behind, Mrs. Victor Manenica and Mrs. Robert Berry were tied for second place. Other winners were Clarence Burlingame, Mrs. M. J. Butler, Mrs. Aino Harkonen, Mrs. Helen Pattison, Mrs. Harry Harmon, and Tom Binski. Landscaping on one side of the bank lobby was provided by Clarence Burlingame, with pink and lavender rhododendrons, alpine hemlock, and a collection of Exbury azaleas; Ken Marshall with lavender rhododendrons, evergreen azaleas, pine and beech trees; Howard Hughes, with a background of interesting maples, blue, pink and white rhododendrons, and other unusual small trees; and Seward's Satsop Nursery, with a very large 'Queen Mary', several large tubbed trees, and featuring a madonna figure. In the rear, Cecil Nyman showed several plants of 'Mrs. Furnival' and a variety of other pink rhododendrons; while on the opposite side Ron Kent and Harley Adamson exhibited a large plant of 'C.I.S.', the seldom seen white 'Helen Schiffner', and a beautiful, large 'Rosebud' azalea in a huge black cauldron.

Blue Ribbon Winners included:
Truss under 3' at 10 yrs, except azalea - carolinianum , Alma Manenica
Spray species under 3' - trichostomum ledoides , Mrs. M. J. Butler
Truss species over 3' at 10 yrs. except azalea - oreotrephes , Rose Haines
Spray evergreen azalea - ' Sherwood Orchid', Alma Manenica
Spray named Exbury - Unnamed White, Esther Berry
Any other azalea - spray 'Irene Koster' Esther Berry
Red Hybrid - 'Jean Marie', Esther Berry
Pink Hybrids - 'Furnival', Rose Haines
Mauve, blue or lavender - 'Mrs. E. C. Sterling', Rose Haines
Yellow or cream - 'Lady Bessborough', Mrs. M. J. Butler
Apricot or orange - 'Medusa', Clarence Burlingame
White - 'White Swan', Helen Pattison.
New Hybrid - Clarence Burlingame
Best Truss in Show - 'Mrs. Furnival', Rose Haines