QBARS - v22n3 New York Chapter Show

New York Chapter Show
Fred E. Knapp, Recording Secretary

In the 1967 season, the New York Chapter enjoyed considerable success with two cut truss shows, held two weeks apart at Planting Fields. This allowed a far wider variety of plants and many more members to be represented, and accordingly was voted by the Board of Directors for the 1968 season as well. Past president Sid Burns was appointed overall show chairman, assisted by Erik Jorgensen as co-chairman for the first show and Robert Emmerich for the second. Clara Burns was appointed chairman of the Rules Committee for both shows.
In a departure from tradition, the first show was held on May 18 and 19 at the Walt Whitman Shopping center in Huntington rather than at Planting Fields. This new location is a large indoor mall, secure from wind and rain, which made it feasible to display trusses on both Saturday and Sunday. The management of the center kindly supplied tables and tablecloths for our display, and several merchants graciously donated trophies for best of show winners. The best rhododendron of show was 'Scintillation' entered by a first time exhibitor, Al Schefer, who received a lovely silver trophy donated by the Walt Whitman Shopping center Merchants Association. Macy's department store donated a silver trophy for best azalea of show, which was taken by President Henry Dumper with a striking orange Ilam seedling obtained originally from Orlando Pride. The third silver trophy, donated by Abraham and Straus' department store for best species rhododendron of the show, was taken by President-elect, Betty Hager, with R. kiusianum .
As is usual with all shows, great thanks are due to a few people who made it all possible. First thanks go to the judges, many of whom made rather long trips to come to our show. They were George A. Arrington, Dr. S. O. Curry, Herman Haas, Edward B. Moddell, Fritz Schaefer, and Orville Steward. Recorders for the judges were Kathy Burns, Toby Emmerich, Edythe Griffin, and Betty Hager.
The second show was held at Planting Fields on June 2nd. Dawn came amidst fog and drizzle, so the exhibits were set up inside the greenhouse classroom. Although space was potentially tight, rain throughout the day made for excellent crowd control. The weather did not daunt the exhibitors, however, and some very lovely trusses were shown. Best rhododendron of show was taken by Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Prince with 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent', while best azalea of show was taken by Bob Emmerich with 'Rosebud'. These successes by some old reliables, still competitive when well grown, show the value of having two shows during different blooming periods.
Judges were Dr. and Mrs. Leon J. Heuser, Henry Heyderhoff, Peter J. LoTruglio, John Schamenek, Paul Sleezer, and Bishop von Wettberg. Recorders touring the exhibit at their sides were Kathy and Clara Burns, Toby Emmerich and Dorothy Schlalkjer.
This show, too, was a real success and brought us to our final dinner meeting that same Sunday evening tired but satisfied. Many thanks again to all who participated in any way.

NY ARS CHapter Show Judges at NY Chapter Show
Fig. 47.  Information table at New York
Chapter Show, l. to r. Mrs. Dorothy
Schlaikjer, Mrs. Sidney Burns, Richard
Houton. Photos by Joan S. Knapp
Fig. 48.  Judges for Azalea Classes,
New York Chapter Show, l. to r.
Edward B. Moddell, Orville Steard,
George A. Arrington.
NY Chapter Flower Show
Fig. 49.  A portion of New York Chapter Show at
Walt Whitman Shopping Center, Huntington, Long Island.
Recorders at NY Chapter Show NY Chapter Show Judging
Fig. 50.  Recorders for the Judges,
New York Chapter Show, l. to r.
Mrs. Betty Hager, (Chapter President-
elect) and Mrs. Edythe Griffin.
Fig. 51.  Judges for Rhododendron
Classes, New York Chapter Show,
l. to r. Dr. S. O. Curry, Herman Hass,
Fritz Schaefer.
Blue Ribbon Winners at the May 18-19 Show include:
Hybrid Rhododendron Never Shown Before - 'Mars' X 'Bonito', Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps.. New Hybrid Azalea, Deciduous, Never Shown Before - Ilam Hybrid, Henry Dumper.
Special Class - Scintillation - 'Scintillation', Al Schefer. White Or Nearly White - 'Albatross', Richard C. Bisso.
Light Pink - 'Eureka Maid', Richard Bisso. Pink - 'Sweet Sue', Richard C. Bisso.
Dark Pink - 'Wyandanch', William H. Long. Peach - 'Mazurka', Richard C. Bisso.
Special Class - Cynthia - 'Cynthia', Eugene Teichner. Orange - 'Spek's Orange', Henry Dumper.
Pink With Prominent Blotch - 'Mrs. C. Pearson' X 'Avocet', Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps. Yellow - 'Narcissiflora', Mrs. R. Page Burr.
Bi-Colors - Seedling, Robert Emmerich.
Red-Blue - 'America', Betty Hager. New Hybrid Azalea, Evergreen, Never Shown Before - 'Sekidera' X 'Glacier', Robert Emmerich.
Red-Red - 'Mars', Edythe Griffin.
Peach - Dexter Hybrid HS-1, Dorothy Schlaikjer. White Or Nearly White - Unknown, Mrs. C. C. Stevens
Yellow - 'Goldsworth Yellow', Mrs. John Henkel. Light Pink - 'Mrs. L. C. Fischer', Henry Dumper.
Lavender Blue - 'Blue Peter' X 'Blue Ensign', Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps. Dark Pink - 'La Premiere', Robert Emmerich..

Red - 'Vuyk's Rosyred', Jane McKay.

Light Purple - Dexter Hybrid, Dorothy Schlaikjer. Peach - 'Louise Gable', Edythe Griffin.
Purple With Prominent Blotch - 'Purple Splendour' X 'Blue Peter', Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps. Orange-Red - 'Buccaneer', Mrs. R. Page Burr.
Light Purple - 'Hayden', Robert Emmerich.
Azalea Species - Deciduous - R. luteum , Robert Emmerich. Dark Purple - 'Sekidera' X hose-in-hose Gable, Robert Emmerich.
Azalea Species - Evergreen - R. kiusianum , Betty Hager. Special Class, First Time Exhibitors - 'Mars', T. C. Adee.
Arrangements - Mrs. F. Knapp.
Blue Ribbon Winners at the June 2 Show include:
Rhododendron Hybrids
New Hybrid Rhododendron Never Shown Before - 'Gomer Waterer' X 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent', Mr. & Mrs. H. Phipps. Pink With Prominent Blotch - R. fortunei X 'Mrs. Furnival', Mr. & Mrs. H. Phipps.
Red-Blue - 'Marie Forrestier', R. Houghton.
White Or Nearly White - Unnamed hybrid, F. Eberstadt. Red-Red - 'Edward S. Rand', A. Raustein.
White Or Nearly White With Prominent Blotch - Orange - 'Kluis Sensation', R. Schill.
'Madame Masson', H. Dumper. Yellow - 'Goldsworth Yellow', D. Baggelaar.
Light Pink - Sdlg. 23 X 'Mrs. Phillip Martineau', Mr. & Mrs. H. Phipps. Lavender Blue - 'Roslyn', C. Ragonese.
Special Class - Roseums-'English Roseum', D. Royce.
Dark Pink - 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent', Mr. & Mrs. J. Prince.
'Faggetter's Favourite' X 'Naomi', Mr. & Mrs. H. Phipps.
Purple, Light - 'Album Elegans', F. Knapp.
Purple, Dark - 'Purpureum Elegans', A. Raustein.
Purple With Prominent Blotch - 'A. Bedford', H. Dumper.
Azalea Species
Azalea Species - Deciduous, R. calendulaceum , F. Eberstadt.
Azalea Hybrids - Deciduous
Pink- R. calendulaceum hybrid, F. Eberstadt. Bi-Colors Or Azaleas With Strips, Spots, Or Flecks -
Deciduous (All Colors) - Martha Hitchcock', R. Emmerich.
Red - Exbury 'J. Jennings', D. Royce.
Azalea Hybrids - Evergreen
New Hybrid Azalea, Never Shown Before - 'Sekidera' X 'Glacier', R. Emmerich. Dark Pink - Unknown, F. Eberstadt.
Pink With A Blotch - Unknown, 'Eberstadt.
White Or Nearly White - 'Snowclad', A. Raustein. Red - Unknown, R. Schill.
Light Pink - 'Rosebud', R. Emmerich. Orange-Red - 'Jimmie Coover', F. Eberstadt.
Best Rhododendron In Show - 'Mrs. C. S. Sargent', Mr. & Mrs. J. Prince.
Best Azalea In Show - 'Rosebud', Mr. R. Emmerich.
Arrangement with Azaleas and/or Rhododendrons - Mrs. J. Prince.