QBARS - v22n3 Princeton Cut Truss Show

Princeton Cut Truss Show

On Saturday, May 25th, the Princeton Chapter held its 1968 Cut Truss Show with 236 entries. Mrs. Edwin R. Metcalf was General Chairman, with committees as follows - Entries - Mr. Thomas Koenig, Hospitality - Mrs. Elmer Greey, Awards - Mrs. William Kelius, Banquet - Mrs. H. C. McKenzie, Staging - Mr. John Obal. Judges were Mr. Sidney Burns of New York, Mr. John Schamenek of Philadelphia, and Mr. Gordon Tyrrell of Winterthur.
The show was held at Drumthwacket (Scotch for "wooded hill") in Princeton, a handsome white-columned mansion on a 12-acre estate, now owned by the State of New Jersey, and administered by the Conservation Department. Once the home of M. Tayler Pyne, a trustee of Princeton University for 36 years, Drumthwacket stands on the Princeton Battleground, and figured prominently in the battle of Trenton. A hospitality hour and delicious banquet, Saturday, gave the participants a chance to fully enjoy the show.
On Sunday, May 26th and Monday, the 27th, the show was open to the public, and those who worked on the show were delighted to have 679 see it on Sunday, and 146 on Monday. Those who came to see the show traveled from all over the Delaware Valley, and this success can definitely be traced to the excellent publicity job done for us by Lyman Clark. Plans are already under way for a 1969 show, and the Chapter has benefited by taking in some very interested new members.

Blue ribbon winners include:
Best in show - 'Meadowbrook', Thomas Koenig.
Best hybrid rhododendron - 'Meadowbrook', Thomas Koenig.
Best species rhododendron - R. minus , John Obal.
Best evergreen azalea - 'Buccaneer', Lyman Clark.
Best deciduous azalea - 'Strawberry Ice', J. E. Kuser.
Lepidotes - R. minus , John Obal.
Ironclads, white - 'Catawbiense Album', Mrs. H. C. McKenzie.
Ironclads, pink - 'Meadowbrook', Thomas Koenig.
Ironclads, rose - 'Ignatius Sargent', Display garden.
Ironclads, red - 'Charles Bagley', W. J. D. Ellicott.
Ironclads, lavender, lilac, purple - 'Roseum Elegans', W. J. D. Ellicott.
Dexter hybrids, white - 'Brookville', Thomas Koenig.
Dexter hybrids, lavender, lilac, purple - 'F. M. Mosley', John Obal.
Dexter hybrids, apricot, salmon, yellow - 'Mosley Cream', Thomas Koenig.
Unnamed Dexter - Thomas Koenig.
Gable hybrids, white - 'County of York', Thomas Koenig.
Gable hybrids, pink - 'Cadis', Dr. & Mrs. Leon Heuser.
Gable hybrids, rose - 'Atroflo', W. J. D. Ellicott.
Other hybrids, white - 'Chionoides', Display garden.
Other hybrids, white, prominent blotch - 'Mrs. P. D. Williams', John Obal.
Other hybrids, pink - 'Antoon Van Welie', Thomas Koenig.
Other hybrids, pink, prominent blotch - 'Mrs. Furnival', Thomas Koenig.
Other hybrids, rose - 'Pearce's Amer. Beauty', John Obal.
Other hybrids, red - 'Kluis Triumph', Walter Weiss.
Other hybrids, lavender, lilac, purple - 'A. Bedford', John Obal.
Other hybrids, apricot, salmon, yellow-'Pearce's Golden Jubilee', Thomas Koenig.
Other hybrids, unnamed, all colors - 'Purple Splendor' x 'Red. Cat.', Mr. & Mrs. John Knippenberg.
Small leaved hybrids, apricot, salmon, yellow - 'Medusa', Thomas Koenig.
Small leaved hybrids, pink - 'Carolina Rose', Mr. & Mrs. John Knippenberg.
Azalea Group
Species, deciduous - R. calendulaceum - Dr. & Mrs. David Lewis.
Ghent hybrids - (no name), Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Kuser.
Exbury-Ilam-Knaphill hybrids -  'Strawberry Ice', Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Kuser.
Glenn Dale Hybrids - 'Buccaneer', Lyman Clark.