QBARS - v22n3 American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

Note: It is proposed to print the names and brief description of new American varieties which meet the requirements for registration. The names must be accompanied by descriptions of the varieties and must meet the requirements of the International Registration Authority (Dr. H. R. Fletcher, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland) before they are eligible for A.R.S. registry. Only clones will be registered, no group names. In the formula giving the parentage, the female parent is written first. We hope, whenever possible to indicate the probable size of the bush at 10 years of age. Unless otherwise specified the person's name, following the cross, indicates the one who made the cross, did the selecting, and introduced, or plans to introduce the variety. Breeders are urged to submit proposed names to the Registrar of the A.R.S., Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Long Beach, Wash., before they are actually used. There are thousands of names already in use and a name to be registered must not have been used before and must meet the other requirements of the A.R.S. Code of Nomenclature.

CHIEF JOSEPH - R. scyphocalyx seedling X ('Rubina' X 'Fabia'), cross made in Univ. of Washington Arboretum, Seattle, Wash., by J. A. Witt. Low, spreading shrub, 18" tall by 3' wide in 10 years. Leaves elliptic, to 4" long, dark green above, pale beneath. Flowers open funnel shaped, to 1½" long and 2¼" across, 5 lobed, red-purple group 54 A-B on outside, red group 36 A inside, with pale orange-brown flecks. Mid May.
EDMOND AMATEIS - R. catawbiense var. album X Hess' Dexter Seedling, cross made by Edmond Amateis, raised and introduced by David G. Leach, Brookville, Pa. Plant 5' tall, 5' across after 12 years. Leaves 5" by 2¼", habit upright, good foliage density. Flowers white with bold twin-rayed dark red dorsal blotch (Nickerson 2.511 3.5/8), rotate funnel shaped, to 3¼" in diameter, calyx vestigial, pedicels light red. Truss of 13 flowers. full, globular. Early midseason.
GARDA JOY - Evergreen azalea, a seedling known as H-12-G raised by Joseph Gable, Stewartstown, Pa., named, with permission, by William Griswold, Kirkland, Wash. Plant to 24" wide and 18" high in 10 years, spreading; leaves to 1¼" long, oblanceolate, glossy, deep green, turn bronze in autumn. Flowers salmon coral. semi-double, 2¼" across. Late May to early June.
LADY RAE - R. souliei X 'Robert Allison' (Pink No. 2), raised by Joseph Gable, named by T. Coleman Andrews, Richmond, Va. Plant to 8 ft. in 10 years, upright candelabra structure, leaves glossy, dark green, to 8 in. by 3 in., elliptical. Flowers mother-of-pearl, fading to white, saucer shaped, to 5 ins. across, in an open truss. Early May.
LEMON MIST - R. xanthostephanum X R. leucaspis , raised by Robert Scott, Kensington, Calif. Plant 13 ins. high, 22 in. spread, compact dwarf. Leaves to 2¾ ins. long by 1¼ in. wide, elliptic, medium green. Flowers, tube yellow, group 5C, lobes greenish yellow, group ID, open funnel shaped, to 1½ in. across. Truss of 2 to 3 flowers, terminal and auxiliary buds. Very early.
PINK PARASOL - a selected clone of R. yakushimanum (formerly #59-2), raised and introduced by David G. Leach, Brookville, Pa. Plant 2 ft. tall, 1½ ft. across at 17 years from seed, dense foliage, leaves 4¼ in. by 1⅝ in, flat, not convex, with heavy tan indumentum beneath. Leaves held for 4 years. Mature indumentum on stems gray, on petioles tan. Buds strong purplish red (Nickerson 8.5RP 5/11), newly opened flowers light purplish pink (5RP 7.5/5), darker on the exterior, ageing to clear pale pink (2.511 9/3) with darker band on exterior of each lobe; interior of dorsal lobe lightly spotted strong orange yellow. To 3 ins. in diameter, rotate campanulate, of heavy substance, 13 to a full truss, 6½ in. in diameter. Florets five lobed, calyx ⅛ in., pedicels pale pink. Early midseason.
PINK SNOWFLAKES - R. racemosum X R. moupinense , raised by Robert Scott, Kensington, California. Plant dwarf, free flowering, 15 ins. high by 23 ins. wide. Leaves 1¼ ins. long, ⅛ in. wide, elliptical. Flowers white flushed Red-Purple, group 62B, spotted darker, open funnel shaped, margins waved, to 1½ in. across, in terminal clusters of up to 5 buds, 2 or 3 flowers to a truss, Very early.
TOW HEAD - R. carolinianum var. album X R. ludlowii , raised and introduced by David G. Leach, Brookville, Pa. Plant broad, dwarf, to 5 ins. tall and 10 ins. across after 3 years from seed, precocious. Leaves 1¾ X 11/16 in. elliptic, glossy, acute at apex, cuneate at base, broadly V-shaped in cross section, subcoriaceous, scaley on both surfaces. Flowers brilliant greenish yellow, Nickerson 7.5Y 10/7, faintly clotted strong orange yellow on dorsal lobe, rotate campanulate, 1½ in. in diameter, 5 lobes. Five flowers from a bud, each held individually erect. Calyx ⅛ in., densely scaley. Early midseason.