QBARS - v22n3 Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Meeting - American Rhododendron Society
Eugene, Oregon, - May 14, 1968

Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, ARS Secretary-Treasurer

Mr. James Gossler, President of the Eugene Chapter presided at the annual business meeting starting at 8:00p.m. on May 14, 1968, at the Eugene Country Club, Eugene, Oregon. After introducing the head table he turned the meeting over to Mr. Edward B. Dunn, President of the American Rhododendron Society.
The chapter roll call indicated the following chapters were represented at the annual meeting: California, Connecticut, Eugene, Grey's Harbor, Mid Atlantic, Mid West, Mohawk-Hudson, New Jersey, North Kitsap, Olympia, Olympic Peninsula, Philadelphia, Portland, Princeton, Seattle, Southeastern, Southern, Tacoma, Tualatin Valley, and Vancouver. In addition non-chapter members and members from England, Japan, and New Zealand were present.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read.
The treasurer's report indicated that the trend to an increased balance is continuing. The full report appears in the April 1968 bulletin.
The following were elected as directors for three-year terms: Mr. James Caperci, Mr. John Henny, Mr. Cecil Smith, and Dr. Thomas Wheeldon. Elected for two-year terms were Mr. Donald McClure and Mr. Ben Nelson.
Vice-president Phetteplace, acting as chairman of the honors committee, stated only one application for the Gold Medal had been received and asked Mr. Maurice Sumner to bring the candidate forward. The citation for Dr. Paul J. Bowman of Fort Bragg, California, was read by President Dunn. After Dr. Phetteplace sat down, Mr. James Gossler, President of the Eugene Chapter, stated he had another candidate for the Gold Medal. President Dunn read the citation for Dr. Carl H. Phetteplace of Eugene, Oregon.
President Dunn thanked the Eugene Chapter for the excellent show, talks, and tours. He then thanked the society committees and their chairmen and briefly outlined the committees' activities for the year.
Plans for the coming year were briefly mentioned and are covered in the President's remarks in the July 1968 bulletin.
Mr. Merv Vater presented gifts to the speakers, including silver polish to Mrs. Phetteplace to care for Dr. Phetteplace's trophies.
Dr. Phetteplace introduced the speaker of the evening, Dr. John Creech, Chief U. S. D. A. Plant Introduction Station, Glenndale, Maryland, who spoke on "Azaleas and other plants of Japan and Taiwan."
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.