QBARS - v22n4 Further Notes on the Seattle Show

Further Notes On The Seattle Show
May 23-26, 1968 - Crossroads, Bellevue, WA

It was another successful, delightfully beautiful Show, with a record attendance. This was the third time in the Ice Skating Pavilion at Crossroads, and we were co-sponsored by Crossroads Shopping Center.
General Co-Chairmen for the Show were Dr. C. E. Simons, Jr. and Arthur O. Luther.
Committee Chairmen were: Commercial Exhibitors, William O. Griswold; Amateur Exhibitors, Mrs. Lawrence J. Pierce; Show Program, Edwin E. Arntsen; Show Program Advertising, James Anderson; Schedules and Awards, Donald K. McClure; Hospitality, Mrs. Ray Granston; Receiving and Classification, Mrs. Hugh Baird and Mrs. John C. Hill; Judges and Judging, Edward B. Dunn; Staging, Ken Lauhon and John A. Putman; Flower Arrangements, Dr. Stewart Hilscher; Crossroads Shopping Center Coordinator, William J. Primavera.
The judges were: Merle Cisney (Camas, Wash.), Fred Robbins (Puyallup, Wash.), Russell Coovert (Tacoma, Wash.), Howard Short (Bainbridge Island, Wash.), Franklin W. Herrick (Shelton, Wash.), John Lofthouse (Vancouver, B.C.).
Names of the Trophy and Awards winners were published in the July quarterly.
There were fifteen display plots, flanking the north and south walls of the Pavilion with four in the center, all with a pleasing bark surface. Tiers of cut trusses lined the north wall and backed the north plots, a magnificent display of 404 trusses.
Many visitors studied the section with Flower Arrangements featuring rhododendrons and were impressed with the originality and variety of designs.
In a small plot Mayfair Nurseries featured a pebbled path with tall vine maples in the background. The foreground plantings made use of Pieris, Gumpo azaleas, Stransvaesia undulata , Aristata Pine, dwarf Hinoki Cypress. Rhododendrons of medium size accented the planting, 'Pink Pearl', 'Countess of Derby, 'J. H. Van Nes' and 'Sappho'.
Rhodes Department Store showed a simple and pleasing arrangement for a patio. The area was screened with a planting of tall evergreens, and outdoor furniture and accessories suggested enjoyment of leisure.
Art's Green Giant Nurseries won a Special Award with a well designed display. Tall Scotch Pines formed a background for the large rhododendrons used - 'Jan Dekens', 'Anna Rose Whitney', 'White Swan' and 'Cynthia'. Nicely placed driftwood was interspersed with dwarf conifers such as Mugho Pine, Maxwell Spruce, Mint Julep Juniper and Nest Spruce. Smaller rhododendrons in the display were 'Gomer Waterer', 'Amy', 'Mme. Guillemot', 'Martha Isaacson', 'A. Bedford', 'Blue Peter', 'Purple Splendour'. Forming a border were plants of Viburnum davidi , Gold-Edge Euonymus, Hosta and masses of azalea 'Lorna'.
Another Special Award went to Cross Landscaping. Trees in the background planting were Cedrus atlantica glauca, Copper Beeches and vine maple. In the foreground were Weeping Norway Spruce, dwarf Blue Scotch Pine, Golden Pfitzer Juniper, Red Laceleaf Japanese Maples, dwarf Mugho Pine, Exbury azaleas, R. keleticum and azalea 'Everest'. Accent notes were added of Iceland Poppies, Primulas and Ranunculas. Mossy logs were expertly planted among rhododendrons 'Madame Masson', 'Mars', 'Sappho' and 'Purple Splendour'.
Blueberry Lake Nursery's colorful small plot won a Special Award. It was bright with rhododendrons 'Sappho' 'Fastuosum Fiore Pleno', and azaleas Oldhami X, 'Buccaneer', and azaleodendron 'Broughtonii Aureum'. Copper Beech and Maples made a background and dwarf greenery in the foreground included Japanese Moon Maples, Weeping Spruce, Mahonia and Golden Pfitzer Junipers.
Homestead Nursery's prize-winning landscape design featured a Japanese "dry pond" of pebbles with a large driftwood log and Japanese Umbrella Pine. Three very large rhododendrons in the background were 'Snow Queen', 'Mrs. Furnival' and an especially showy 'Anna Rose Whitney'. Lower growing rhododendrons were 'Blue Ensign', 'Countess of Derby', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'The Bride', 'Blue Peter', 'Mrs. Lionel de Rothschild' and 'Helen Johnson'. In the foreground were azaleas 'Rosebud', 'Wendy' and 'Moonbeam'. Other interesting plant material used was red Huckleberry, Enkianthus, Maidenhair Fern, Hemlock, Epimedium pinnatum , Golden Moon Maples, mosses, Kinnikinick, Weeping Japanese Red Pine.
Leon's Dutch Landscape won First Place in its class. Their plot showed a slotted bench and patio of cedar rounds. A background was formed of pink Dogwood, vine maples, Cornus kousa , Nandina domestics and Taxus. Colorful rhododendrons were 'Britannia', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'Pink Pearl', 'Purple Splendour', 'King George' x R. griersonianum , and 'Countess of Derby'. In the foreground were specimen plants of Mugho Pine, Mahonia, Sarcococca ruscifolia , an unusual spreading plant of Juniperus communis depressus , several Juniperus tamariscifolia and one fine azalea 'Glamour'.
Hopkins Nursery planting won a Special Award. It featured a huge stone planter with azalea 'Gaiety', with a background of rhododendrons 'Broughtonii Aureum', 'Goldsworth Yellow', 'Mrs. E. C. Stirling', azalea 'Exquisite' and three fine plants of Cedrus atlantica glauca . Low-growing plants in the foreground were Juniperus wiltoni , Lingonberry, Manzanita 'Point Reyes' and 'Gumpo Pink' azaleas.
Pacific Night Lighters featured "Nightime Enchantment." Their small pool with rocks and a stone path displayed various types of garden night lights. Rhododendrons in the planted area were 'Helene Schiffner', 'Jean Marie de Montague', 'Humboldt', 'Purple Splendour' and 'America'. Also included were a Pinus nigra and azaleas 'Everest', Exbury 'Cecile' and 'Silver Slipper'.
A Special Award went to Sky Garden Nursery with plantings around well placed rocks and a large stone oriental lantern. An inviting path of cedar rounds led to a pool, rock rimmed, nicely planted with Astilbe and Hostas. A tall background was formed with vine maples, Tsuga mertensia (mountain Hemlock), Enkianthus , Japanese Maple dissectum, Acer palmatum and Pinus cembra . Large rhododendron plants used were 'Mrs. Furnival', 'Antoon Van Welie', 'Mother of Pearl', 'Ayah' x 'Kyawi', 'Jean Marie de Montague'. Others in the foreground were 'Winsome', 'Helene Schiffner', 'Mrs. Lionel de Rothschild', and azaleas 'Elizabeth', Ledifolia Alba', 'Sky Red', 'Satan', 'Persil', 'Gumpo White'. Primula japonica completed the beautiful design.
McAuliffe Nursery also won a Special Award with use of large specimen plants. A very large Laburnum was impressive in the background and a very unusual Pinus contorta sheltered a carved deer. To the left a vine maple stood by a tall weathered stump and a totem carving. Logs planted upright were unusually effective. Rhododendrons in the design were 'Mrs. E. C. Stirling', 'Blue Peter', 'Beauty of Littleworth', 'Alice', 'Snow Queen', 'Anna Rose Whitney', 'Unique' and 'Mrs. Charles Pearson'. Other plants were Acer palmatum dissectum , Cedrus deodara pendula , Blue Spruce, and azaleas 'Coccinia' (very large) and 'Glamour'.
The Arboretum's very interesting specimen plants won a Special Award. Some displayed were of Oriental origin such as Viburnum tomentosum , Acer rufinerve and 'Acer mouisonense'. The beautiful rhododendrons were 'Lady Bligh', R. campylocarpum x 'Gold Mohur', 'Cavalier', R. arizelum , R. decorum , R. discolor x 'Robinhood', 'Souldis', and azaleas R. atlanticum , R. occidentale , 'Minuet' and 'Knaphill White'. Enkianthus campanulatus and Euonmus completed the foreground planting.