QBARS - v23n1 The Awards Program

Awards Program

The latest revisions to the A.R.S. awards program were made on November 12, 1967, and the whole awards system discussed on Page 18 of the January, 1968 Bulletin. This system provides that the president of each Chapter should appoint an Awards Committee of at least five but not more than eleven members. These committee member appointments shall be confirmed in writing by the President of the Society and after such confirmation shall serve until relieved.
This is the time of year when Chapter officers should be considering the matter of awards for the coming spring, and should have an active Awards Committee if there is any chance that Chapter members will have rhododendron or azalea seedlings in bloom. If new members are appointed they should be urged to read the article about the awards system in last January's Bulletin.
Awards Committee reports should be made to the A.R.S. Chairman, Mr. Don McClure, Seattle, Washington. Ballots may be secured from him and each committee should have a supply on hand, the number varying somewhat with the possible need which again depends upon the number of breeders or just plain seedling raisers in the Chapter.
The American Rhododendron Society is quite interested in the development of promising new varieties and the giving of adequate support and encouragement to those which are really worthwhile. It is also interested in discouraging breeders from naming and introducing varieties which are no real improvement. Both of these objectives can be furthered substantially by proper use of the awards system.