QBARS - v23n1 Early Season Rhododendron Competition

Early Season Rhododendron Competition

Seattle Chapter Early Season Rhododendron Show
Fig. 16.  Early Season Rhododendron Competition
Seattle Center Flag Plaza
Photo by David Bledsoe
R. kyawi R. lepidotum
Fig. 18. Spray of R. lepidotum and
trophy which it won.  Entered by
Alleyne Cooke, Vancouver, B.C.
Photo by Dave Bledsoe
Fig. 19. R. kyawii won trophy for
Donald McClure at Early Competition.
Photo by Dave Bledsoe
Rainier Mt. Alpine Gardens Trophy
Fig. 17.  Rainier Mt. Alpine Gardens
Trophy for best dwarf species plant,
with prize winning entry, R.
Photo by Dave Bledsoe

The Seattle Rhododendron Society's Study Group held their 5th Early Season Competition at the Seattle Center Flag Plaza Pavilion, April 20 and 21, 1968. George Willoughby and Ernest Dzurich chaired the committee; Bernard Swenson - Staging & Awards Dinner, Frank Doleshy - Judges, Kenneth Lauhon - Schedule, Mrs. Thomas O'Brube - Publicity, Mrs. John Nelson - Hosts, Mrs. John Hill - Receiving, Mrs. Hugh Baird - Awards. Judges were David Goheen of Camas, Carl English and Joseph Witt of Seattle.

Thirty-five exhibitors entered 403 trusses and 70 plants. Four chapters were represented.

Trophy winners:

Kingdon-Ward Memorial Award (Perpetual) for best truss, spray or plant of the Boothii, Glaucophyllum, Lepidotum or Uniflorum Series: Alleyne Cooke, Vancouver, B.C. - R. lepidotum .
Nelson Challenge Cup (P) for best species seedling grown by exhibitor: Sam Conover - R. racemosum .
Rainier Mt. Alpine Gardens Trophy (P) for best dwarf species plant: Mrs. Wm. M. Culliton, Bellevue - R. serpyllifolium .
Emma Atkinson McKee Memorial Award (P) for best hybrid plant: Sky Gardens - Russautinii.
"Pat" Ballard Memorial Award (P) for best lepidote truss or spray: Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Pierce - R. rigidum .
Study Group Trophy for best elepidote truss: Donald McClure - R. kyawii .
Mary & Ted Greig Appreciation Award (P) for best Neriiflorum Series truss or plant: Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Pierce - R. forrestii var. repens .
Josephine Nelson Memorial Award (P) for best truss or plant of Fortunei Series or their hybrids: Karl Korn, Renton - Unknown Warrior.
Study Group Sweepstakes: Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Pierce.
Blue Ribbon Awards for Plants
55. R. grande - Dr. W. E. Avery.
71. R. serpyllifolium - Mrs. Wm. Culliton.
72. R. auritum - Dr. W. E. Avery.
73. 'Lady Alice Fitzwilliam' - Sam Conover.
74. R. impeditum - L. J. Pierce.
77. R. forrestii - L. J. Pierce.
80. R. racemosum "S" - Sam Conover.
81. 'Unique' - Sky Nursery.
82. 'Russautinii - Sky Nursery.
84. R. glaucophyllum - L. J. Pierce.
85. 'Wendy' - Sky Nursery.