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Slide Library

The Chairman of the Slide Library for the Society has asked that some comments and suggestions be made in the Bulletin. The slides are made up into sets dealing with certain subjects, enough slides to provide a program, and sent to Chapters in carousel trays arranged in proper order to go with the accompanying list of names. They are to be shown in the carousel trays in order to avoid getting the slides mixed up. If a carousel is not available from a Chapter member, one can usually be rented for a nominal fee.
The problem is that, in some cases, these instructions are not being followed. The Lofthouse taped program was returned with the slides out of order and one missing and, of course, had to be returned to the maker for sorting. Dr. Phetteplace's taped program also had to be returned to him to straighten out the slides.
We realize that possibly a Chapter Program Chairman may have such a lot of slides turned over to him on short notice and have no carousel projector available and the temptation is strong to take the slides out, use them in another projector, and then put them back in the carousel. However, whoever orders the lecture should be aware that the slides are not to be removed from the carousel and make arrangements ahead of time to have a suitable projector available.
It is quite a little job to prepare these slides lectures, mail them out and check them back in and the Slide Library Chairman should not have to check through every lot of slides as they come back to see that they are all present and that they have not gotten out of order. It may be possible to find a locking device which will preclude the removal of the slides. That would solve one problem but it would not solve the problem for the careless Program Chairman who has not made provision for a proper type of projector.
From the slides which have been turned over to the Slide Library Chairman, groups have been made up on the Portland Test Garden and another on the species listed in their series. These have typed lists to accompany the slides and, of course, the slides have to be in perfect order to provide a satisfactory program.
Some requests have been made to Mrs. Curtis for slides and she forwards them to the Slide Library Chairman. However, in order to save time and to avoid unnecessary duplication of work, requests for slides should go to the Slide Library Chairman, Mr. Howard A. Short, Bainbridge Island, Washington.