QBARS - v23n4 Rhododendron Information Booklets

Rhododendron Information Booklets

The New York Chapter has prepared two booklets on rhododendrons and azaleas which summarize the basics of cultural practice and propagation techniques appropriate for the amateur plantsman.
"Rhododendrons and Azaleas" includes a brief history of rhododendron and azalea introduction and a description of the most prominent hybrid groups, followed by discussions of soil acidity and texture, planting sites and methods, mulching, general maintenance, pruning, and diseases and pests. A most useful inclusion is a plant list indicating the most suitable species and hybrids for the Northeast with hardiness ratings coded to the USDA hardiness zone map. More than 150 plants are rated. Since heat tolerance appears related to the same hardiness factors which made a successful plant in the Northeast, southern growers may also find the list helpful.
"Rhododendrons: Propagating and Hybridizing" treats propagation from cuttings in Nearing Frames and in flats within a polyethylene tent. Type and preparation of cuttings for different plant groups, time of cutting, hormone treatments, rooting media, and growing on are discussed. This booklet also details the essential data of plant sex life, the mechanics of pollination, suggested simpler and more grateful crosses to start one's efforts, planting media and mechanics, and transplanting and growing on of young seedlings.