QBARS - v23n4 Seattle 18th Annual Rhododendron Show

18th Annual Seattle Rhododendron Society Show
May 9, 10 & 11, 1969
Flag Plaza Pavilion, Seattle Center

Everyone loves a rhododendron show, large or small! This year circumstances reduced the size of the Seattle Show but everyone enjoyed the colorful displays of plants and trusses, and attendance was excellent.
There were no landscape displays and all plants were in attractive containers, each class on a raised platform, and the viewing of many exquisite dwarf plants made easier. 276 cut trusses were on long tables in tiers, and 55 specimen plants were brought in by exhibitors.
The judges were Mr. and Mrs. Wales Wood of St. Helens, Oregon. Ben Nelson of Suquamish, Wash., William Whitney of Brinnon, Wash., Dr. W. E. Avery and R. L. Badger of Tacoma, Wash.
Co-chairmen for the show were Mrs. Lawrence Pierce and Dr. Ned Brockenbrough. Their hard-working committee chairmen were: Staging, James Anderson; Receiving, Mrs. John Hill: Amateur Plant Displays, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bailey; Publicity, Mrs. James Madison; Judges, Mrs. Hugh Baird; Schedules & Awards, Don McClure: Hosts and Hostesses, Mrs. John Nelson.
Some colorful plants especially admired were Rh. 'Winsome', 'Bluette', 'Fabia Tangerine', 'Patricia', 'Naomi Nautilus', 'Elizabeth Titcomb', 'Peter Koster', 'Bowbells', 'Oliver Twist', 'Anne v 'Fusilier', 'Americana', 'Thor', 'Witch Doctor', 'Albert', 'Loderi Superlative' and 'Cameo'.

Trophy Winners:
Seattle Rhododendron Society Cup for Best Plant in Show
- Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. 'Helene Schiffner'.
Seattle Rhododendron Society Annual Achievement Award for Best New Hybrid Seedling
- Not awarded.
Mrs. William H. Culliton Trophy for Best Truss in Show
- Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. 'Mrs. E. C. Stirling'.
Washington State Nurserymen's Assn. Perpetual Trophy for the Best Washington Hybrid Rhododendron Plant
- R. Nelson Smith - R. 'Bernice Baker'.
Azalea Achievement Award for Best Azalea Plant (Classes 6, 7, 8 & 9)
- W. J. O'Brien - R. 'Purple Splendour'.
Blue Ribbon Winners: Plants
Class 1 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. yakushimanum .
Class 2 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. yakushimanum .
Class 3 - James Caperci - R. 'Maricee'.
Class 4 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. 'Helene Schiffner'.
Class 5 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. lepidotum var. eleagnoides.
Class 7 - Sam Conover - R. mucronatum .
Class 9 - W. J. O'Brien - R. 'Purple Splendour'.
Class 15 - C. E. Simons, Jr. M.D. - R. oreotrephes .
Class 16 - Mrs. Hugh Baird - R. kiusianum .
Class 17 - Rainier Mt. Alpine Garden - R. wardii .
Class 19 - Mrs. Thomas O'Brube - R. carolinianum .
Class 20 - Fred Souders - R. macrophyllum .
Class 21 - C. E. Simons, Jr., M.D. - R. haematodes .
Class 22A - Mrs. Thomas O'Brube - R. calostrotum .
Class 22 - Isobel Johnson - R. glaucophyllum .
Class 23 - Rainier Mt. Alpine Garden - lepidotum var. eleagnoides , pink.
Class 24 - Dr. Ned Brockenbrough - R. 'Harvest Moon'.
Class 25 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. 'Lem's Goal'.
Class 26 - Mrs. Lawrence Pierce - R. 'Mrs. E. C. Stirling'.
Class 28 - Mrs. Blackburn Joslin - R. 'Jean Marie de Montague'.
Class 29 - Dr. Ned Brockenbrough - R. 'Helene Schiffner'.
Class 30A - John Bodenham - R. 'Virginia Richards'.

Class 31 - Dr. Stewart Hilscher - R. 'Mrs. Charles E. Pearson'.
Class 33A - Art Dome - R. 'Strawberry Ice'.
Class 33B - Mrs. Hugh Baird - R. 'Byron'.
Class 34 - Sam Conover - R. 'Hinodegiri'
Class 37 - Mrs. Evan McChord - R. ledoides .