QBARS - v24n2 Our Front Cover

Our Front Cover
by P. H. Brydon

The cover picture of R. 'Scintillation' was taken while attending the 1965 Annual Meeting of the A.R.S. at Planting Fields, Long Island. The parentage of this Dexter hybrid is unknown, although it is occasionally reported to be a R. fortunei hybrid. However, I note in Dave Leach's "Rhododendrons of the World" that he questions this, and in Vol. 16, Number 1 of the A.R.S. Quarterly he states "the parentage of many Dexters is not R. fortunei as has been suggested but R. decorum ." Whatever its lineage, R. 'Scintillation' is first class, medium compact in habit, has good foliage, and is hardy to 10 below zero. It was introduced by Westbury Rose Company in 1959 and Paul Vossberg is to be congratulated for his discerning eye in making this selection from the many fine Dexter hybrids.