QBARS - v24n2 Pacific Rhododendron Conference, 1970

Pacific Rhododendron Conference 1970
New Zealand - Oct. 20-21; Australia - Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Enclosed with this issue of the Bulletin is a letter from Robert L. Badger, Vice President of the A.R.S., which gives details of the Rhododendron Conference to be held in New Zealand and Australia this October. Since the letter did not arrive until March 25th full details of this important event could not be included in the April Quarterly. However, we urge those who are interested in attending the Conference to write to Doug. Fox Travel, Tacoma, Washington for a copy of the Tour Program which has been arranged for the benefit of A.R.S. members. Attached to the Program is a Registration Form for your convenience.

Date: March 13, 1970

From: Robert L. Badger, Vice President
Members of theHE American Rhododendron Society
Subject: Pacific Rhododendron Conference 20-21 October New Zealand 1970
29 October - 2 November Melbourne

Dear Chapter President:

A Tour program* has been prepared for those of you who plan to attend the subject Conference this year. This program utilizes the low "Affinity" fare of $705.60 from San Francisco to Sydney and return, with a one way fare Auckland to Christchurch $36.20, and a round trip ticket Sydney to Melbourne of $52.80, total air fare $794.60 US. The regular Economy fare from any West Coast city of embarkation (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles) to Melbourne and return is $1060.80, to which will be added the one way fare Auckland to Christchurch of $36.20, total $1097.00. Fares from your home city to the West Coast and return are additional. (The departure and return dates are such that you may use the low "Discover America" fares within the Continental United States, offering savings of about 25%).
In order to qualify for the $794.60 fare, the traveler must have been an A.R.S. member for six months prior to departure. Dependents, such as wives and children and other dependents living in the same household are also eligible for this fare. There must be a group of at least 15, and they must travel together on each part of the air trip from San Francisco to Melbourne and return. Those using the $1097.00 fare have freedom of choice in travel plans, both going to and returning from Australia. You may travel to Hawaii from any West Coast city of embarkation on any date of your choice. You may travel on the same plane as the "Affinity" group.
The cost of the Tour Program as outlined in the brochure from arrival Christchurch to departure Melbourne is $475.55 US each in double accommodations, with a single supplement of $102.25. Registration is $50.40 US.
To co-ordinate the many details in connection with the blocked space on the airlines, and to realize maximum savings for you and your families, we have appointed Doug Fox Travel Service, Tacoma, Washington, as Official Travel Coordinator for travel of our members to the Conference. Doug Fox Travel Service will also send passport application forms and health certificates with acknowledgement of deposits. They will obtain the visas at no cost to you.
This is comparable to our Kentucky Derby, and tickets are available at $4.50 US. These are in the open lawn stand and request for this should be made as quickly as possible, as tickets are at a premium. If you decide after arriving in Australia, that you wish to go to the Cup, you will have to join a queue of approximately 100,000.
A $100 deposit reserves space. Final payment due six weeks before departure.

*A copy of the Tour Program may be obtained from Doug Fox Travel, Tacoma, Washington.