QBARS - v24n4 American Rhododendron Society Eastern Regional Meeting

A.R.S. Eastern Regional Meeting Norfolk, Virginia - May 8-10, 1970
Marion Brinkley, Suffolk News-Herald

Rhododendron lovers from all over the eastern part of the country visited Suffolk Friday (May 8) and toured three gardens which offered the best of these plants, all at the peak of their blooming season now. As part of the itinerary, the gardens of Robert N. Eure, Dr. Lloyd C. March, and Jack Baird, were visited.
The pictures were taken at the home of the Bairds whose garden is one of the show places of Suffolk.

Jack Baird's Garden in Suffolk, Virginia Jack Baird's Garden
Fig. 50.  Two pictures of Jack Baird's lovely garden in Suffolk, Virginia.
Photos courtesy Suffolk News-Harold

Dr. Charles E. Hess, Fred Galle & Jack Baird
Fig. 53.  Dr. Charles E. Hess (left), Fred
Galle (center) at the A.R.S. Eastern Regional
Meeting and their host, Mr. Jack Baird.
Photo courtesy Suffolk News-Herald

The Tidewater Chapter and the Middle Atlantic Chapter jointly presented a Rhododendron Show at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens Saturday and Sunday, May 9th and 10th, in connection with the meeting of Eastern Regional chapters.
Sweepstakes award was won by Dr. David Fluharty, Jr., of Newport News, Va., with a total of 91 points. Best bloom in the show was "Pink Pearl" exhibited by E. L. Rowell best rhododendron, "Purple Splendor" by Leon Winter; best deciduous azalea, "Anna Belle" by Dr. Fluharty; best seedling. "Mars x Fabia" by Dr. Fluharty; and best azalea, 'Ruffled Giant" by Mrs. J. W. Overton.
Trusses and sprays were shown in 45 groups under 13 classes and there were special flower arrangements making this show one of the most comprehensive ever staged in the area.