QBARS - v24n4 Rhododendron (Exbury Azalea) 'Gibraltar'

Rhododendron (Exbury Azalea) 'Gibraltar'
P. H. Brydon

R. 'Gibraltar'
Exbury Azalea 'Gibraltar'
The Exbury form in P. H. Brydon's garden
Photo by P. H. Brydon

Exbury azalea seedlings are being sold by the thousands in nurseries, wayside markets, and shopping centers. Those which have been raised from controlled crosses between original Exbury varieties are excellent for massed effects in the garden. In all honesty, I must say that some of the selected color seedlings offered today surpass, or at least equal many of the named forms which were on the market fifteen years ago. However, I maintain that such superb varieties as 'Cecile', 'Golden Girl', 'Corringe', and 'Gibraltar' still hold their own among the multitudes. The Exbury 'Gibraltar' has been given four stars by the British Society and a 4/3 rating by the A.R.S. It is hardy to -15, has a compact neat habit of growth and fringed flowers of great substance.