QBARS - v24n4 Merle Saunders Receives American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal

Merle Saunders Receives A.R.S. Bronze Medal
R. Curtis Huey, President Eugene Chapter

The annual picnic of the Eugene Chapter of the ARS was held on June 14 at the Rhododendron Species Foundation. Dr. and Mrs. Milton Walker served as hosts. Highlights of the day included numerous tours of the gardens and the presentation of the Bronze Medal to Merle Saunders, a founding member of the Eugene Chapter.
Merle earned the award for outstanding service to the Chapter and to the A.R.S. He was also one of the founding members of the Eugene Camellia Society which became the Eugene Rhododendron Society. Merle has held all of the Chapter offices, and served on the Board of Directors of the A.R.S.
His contribution to the Annual Meeting held in Eugene in May, 1968 was outstanding. The magazine supplement published under his direction was a high point of the publicity for the Annual Meeting.
He has assisted at many shows; serving as judge, helping members classify trusses, giving direction to the shows and encouraging Chapter members to participate. As a willing participant at plant sales, both as auctioneer and in buying plants, Merle has aided the Chapter financially.
His enthusiasm for growing rhododendrons has served to build an interest in our Society. For these, and numerous reasons not mentioned, the Eugene Chapter is proud to present to Merle Saunders the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.