QBARS - v25n2 A.R.S. Awards: 1970

A.R.S. Awards: 1970

At the January meeting of the Seattle Chapter, Mr. Don McClure reported on plants which received A.R.S. Awards during 1970. These were:

R. 'Kim' - cremastum x campylogynum - James Caperci, 2007 So. 126th St., Seattle, Wash. 3-0

- 'Lady Bessborough' x 'Loderi King George' x 'Crest' - Dr. Roland Wyrens, Marysville, Wash. 3-0
R. 'Lem's Monarch' - 'Anna' x 'Marinus Koster' - Elmer Fisher, Seattle, Wash. 3-0
R. 'Red Walloper' -'Anna' x 'Marinus Koster - Elmer Fisher, Seattle, Wash. 3-0
R. 'Bobette' - cremastum x campylogynum - James Caperci, Seattle, Wash. 3-0

It was reported that the Awards program had been changed in 1967. The chief purpose was to make less complicated the task of bringing superior plants to attention and getting worthy ones into cultivation and into rhododendron lover's gardens. Judging for inclusion on the Eligibility List consists simply of bringing a truss to a meeting where three judges will be present. The formal awards follow this in subsequent years, under increasingly more exacting judging conditions.
This program is not intended to honor growers or to reward cultural excellence. It is to give exposure and recognition to superior plants which will grow in any garden. Because of this and similar programs, plants that drew raves twenty years ago now scarcely attract notice.