QBARS - v25n2 Appeal for Dexter Rhododendron Info

An Appeal for Information on Dexter Rhododendrons
Heman A. Howard, Horticulturist
Heritage Plantation, Box 566, Sandwich, Mass.

The Heritage Plantation is a nonprofit educational museum situated on the 76 acre former Charles O. Dexter estate in Sandwich, Massachusetts.
This museum was opened to the public in 1969 and is dedicated to the memory of Josiah K. Lilly, Jr., one of the most distinguished American Collectors of his era. The present objective is to combine this extensive collection of Early Americana with horticulture and carefully blending them into a garden of historical interest.
Many unnamed Dexter rhododendron seedlings are now being grown in this country. In recent years many of the best have been named and are now available commercially as well as being represented in several private gardens and arboretums.
Herewith is a list of known Dexter cultivars, many of which are now in cultivation. It is the desire of the Heritage Plantation to gather and consolidate the information as to where these plants are being grown and if they are for sale. We hope in the near future to have a complete collection on display in this group of plants.
Your help and assistance in gathering this information will be appreciated. All persons replying to this inquiry will automatically receive a copy of this list.

'Accomac' 'Dexter's Appleblossom' 'Dorothy Russell' 'Mrs. W.R. Coe'
'Alice Poore' 'Dexter's Apricot' 'Edwin Beinecke' 'Parker Pink'
'Amethyst' 'Dexter's Brandy-Green' 'Elizabeth Poore' 'Peg Coe'
'Andorra' 'Dexter's Brick Red' 'Everett Miller' 'Peter Koster'
'Ann Glass' 'Dexter's Cream' 'Fordham' 'Ramona'
'Apple Blossom' 'Dexter's Crown Pink' 'Gloxineum' 'Red House'
'Aronimink' 'Dexter's Favorite' 'Halesite' 'Red Velvet'
'Ashes of Roses' 'Dexter's Giant Red' 'Henry Coe' 'Red Yard'
'Aurora' 'Dexter's Horizon' 'Honeydew' 'Robert Coe'
'Avondale' 'Dexter's Orange' 'Huntington' 'Scintillation'
'Ben Moseley' 'Dexter's Orchid' 'John Wister' 'Skyglow'
'Betty Arrington' 'Dexter's Peppermint' 'Josephine Everitt' 'Tan'
'Betty Hume' 'Dexter's Pink' 'Kosters Choice' 'Todmorden'
'Brookville' 'Dexter's Pink Glory' 'Lavender Princess' 'Tom Everett'
'Brown Eyes' 'Dexter's Purple' 'Lemon Ice' 'Warwick'
'Champagne' 'Dexter's Red' 'Louisa P. Delano' 'Westbury'
'Cherry Red #11' 'Dexter's Salmon' 'Merley Cream' 'Wheatley'
'Clover Coe' 'Dexter's Spice' 'Mr. W. R. Coe' 'William Rogers Coe'
'C.O.D.' 'Dexter's Springtime' 'Mrs. Butler' 'Wissahickon'
'Count Vitetti' 'Dexter's Vanilla' 'Mrs. H.B. Gardner' Wyandanch Pink'
'Dexter's Victoria' 'Mrs. Powell Glass'