QBARS - v25n2 Rhododendron 'Mary Belle'

Rhododendron 'Mary Belle'
Alfred S. Martin, Mountaintop, Pa.

R. 'Mary Belle'
R. 'Mary Belle', a Joe Gable
hybrid introduced in 1962
Photo by Bruce G. Keyser

R. 'Mary Belle' is a cross between 'Dechaen' and 'Atrier' and received a P.A. on May 17, 1962. The plant was named for Mrs. Gable and many of the Gable enthusiasts feel that this is Joe's finest plant. 'Mary Belle' has a medium compact habit and reached a height of 43 inches in 10 years. The truss is low, rounded, flat topped and contains from 10 to 11 flowers. The overall color effect is salmon peach with the edges of the petals shaded red. The flowers are fragrant and eventually become yellow as they age. Bruce G. Keyser was kind enough to loan us the splendid 35mm slide.