QBARS - v25n2 A.R.S. Nominating Committee Reports

Nominating Committee Reports

The report of the Nominating Committee for Directors to be elected this year was delayed and missed the January Bulletin. It is presented to you herewith so that you will have time to view the slate before voting. When your ballots are received, please vote for four.

MRS. HUGH BAIRD of Bellevue, Washington is well known to many members. She is very active in the affairs of the Seattle Chapter. Always on hand for work at shows, she is much in demand as a judge by other Chapters. She is a prominent member of the Study Group and has done fine work for the National Board as a Committee Chairman.
SIG BERTHELSDORF, M.D. is a life member of the Portland Chapter and presently one of its Directors. As an amateur with a wide knowledge of species and hybrids he has been very active in Chapter Affairs. He is a Director of the Species Foundation and keenly interested in the progress of the National Society.
GEORGE CLARKE of Portland, incumbent, is a nurseryman and has been a member of the National Board while President of the Portland Chapter. At present he is serving out the unexpired term of Cecil Smith and has proven to be an effective executive both as Chapter President and Board Member.
FRANK DOLESHY of Seattle, incumbent, is a long time member of the Seattle Chapter and well known for his collecting trips to Japan. He has contributed several articles to the Bulletin, has been generous with his time and knowledge to the membership and is considered an expert on rhododendron species.
DAVID C. FLUHARTY, M.D. A young physician of Newport News, Va., and for many years active in the middle Atlantic Chapter. He is a Charter Member of the Tidewater Chapter and presently heads up the Awards Program for the Eastern Chapters. Keenly interested in rhododendron culture and propagation, he is a member of the International Plant Propagator's Society.
GORDON E. JONES , Director of the Planting Fields Arboretum, L. I. N. Y. has publicized the A. R. S. through his lectures, writings and slide programs. For his dedicated efforts on behalf of A. R. S. he received the N. Y. Chapter's Bronze Medal in 1969. He is responsible for an outstanding collection of hybrids and species at Planting Fields Arboretum and is the Editor of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1971 Handbook on Rhododendrons.
HADLEY OSBORN of El Cerrito, California has just retired as President of the California Chapter and under his dynamic leadership, the Chapter made exceptional progress. He is a frequent contributor to the Bulletin and his efforts on behalf of the National Board were most effective. He is a research associate at the University of California.

Respectfully submitted,
Sidney Burns
Hadley Osborn
George Clarke
Edward B. Dunn, Chmn.