QBARS - v25n3 Siuslaw and Connecticut Bronze Medals


Agnes H. McCornack Bronze Medal Award A. Frederick Serbin Bronze Medal
FIG.64. Agnes H. McCornack receives
Bronze Medal from President
DeVerne W. Pinnock, Siuslaw
FIG. 65. A. Frederick Serbin receiving
Bronze medal from Larry

Siuslaw Chapter's first award, a Bronze Medal, was presented March 1 to Agnes H. McCornack. Conferring the medal was President DeVerne W. Pinnock who read the following Citation.

American Rhododendron Society, Siuslaw Chapter, proudly presents this Citation to Agnes H. McCornack for your enduring inspiration and cheerful guidance, for your enthusiastic encouragement to novice and professional alike, and in recognition of the stature you bring to our chapter from your past associations with the Tacoma, Portland, and Eugene chapters of the American Rhododendron Society.
Therefore, to honor our area's pioneer rhododendron enthusiast, we present to you, on this first day of March, nineteen hundred seventy-one, the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal and this Citation with our highest thanks and esteem.

Citation - To a man whose recreation is the Genus Rhododendron; whose willingness to share knowledge is apparent to all; whose enthusiasm to promote membership in the ARS is limitless and to a man who leaves us all a little richer in having associated with him. The members of the Connecticut Chapter express their appreciation by presenting to you the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.