QBARS - v25n4 Portland Chapter Show

The Portland Chapter Show - May 8th and 9th, 1971
Mrs. Thomas P. Binford, Portland, Oregon

Portland Chapter Show Trophies
FIG: 74. Dr. David Goheen, President of the
Chapter viewing some of the 22

The 27th Annual Show of the Portland Chapter held May 8 and 9 at the Crystal Springs Island was an especially fine show in spite of the earlier vicissitudes of the weather. Rather continuous rains followed by a sudden hot day just before the show brought many last minute uncertainties.
The garden area (formerly known as the A. R. S. Test Garden) gave full evidence of its maturity with a profusion of blooms, and provided as usual, a particularly beautiful background for the show area in the cool house.
The notable judges for the entries were: Carl Phetteplace, M.D., Dr. J. Harold Clarke and Dr. Robert Ticknor, P. H. Brydon, John Henny, Mrs. Del James, Wales Wood, and our distinguished and charming guest from up North, Alleyne Cook from Vancouver, B. C.
Frank Mossman, M.D. as Chairman, had the responsibility for the show with his Assistant Chairman, Melvin Reeves, M.D., and the long hours dedicated to make this a successful windup for the year were well rewarded. Seventy members came to the annual dinner planned by Mrs. Siegfried Berthelsdorf and Mrs. Robert Furniss which was the gala affair it has been other years with music and pleasant companionship.
In final debate the judges made their award of the C. I. Sersanous Trophy for the Finest Truss in the Show to Cecil Smith for 'Noyo Chief', and giving it double commendation, the Senator Hatfield Trophy for the Best Red Truss (Class 2). Cecil Smith's points also included the Portland Chapter Trophy for the Best Truss of a R. yakushimanum Hybrid (Class 30) for 'Nestucca'; and in total count with eighty-four points he won the Dr. Corbin Trophy awarded on points.
Others who gave him competition were Howard Slonecker with eighty one points, including his winning of the George Clarke Trophy for the Best Truss of a Loderi Variety (Class 25) with 'Loderi King George'. Frank Mossman, M.D. with seventy, George Clarke with sixty-one, Reuben Hatch from the Fruit Valley Nursery with fifty-six, Cy Ward with fifty-two, and Tom McGuire with forty-two came close to the top also. New among the exhibitors was young William Wilson who won Cecil Smith's Trophy for the Best White Truss (Class 4) for a favorite, 'Helene Schiffner.' All in all twenty-two trophies were awarded with ribbons going to forty other winners.
To top off the year the Portland Chapter will focus on a "weevil count" in July with our bad guys being counted and tabulated. Bob Furniss has set up target dates, at which time the enemy will be approached at dusk with shillelagh in hand for plant tapping and a vial of alcohol for the subsequent pickling of the villains.