QBARS - v25n4 Citation to Betty Hager

Citation To Betty Hager
Fred Knapp, President New York Chapter

Betty Hager Bronze Medal
FIG: 75. Ray Kruse with silver cup for outstanding service to
the New York Chapter, Betty Hager with Bronze
Medal, and President Fred Knapp at the June 6th
Dinner Meeting.

Betty Hager joined the New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society in the late 1950's. She still remembers vividly when she did not know the names of plants or people discussed by the other members, did not "speak the language", and therefore has throughout her long service to the Chapter always thought first of the needs and feelings of the newer members. For them she organized our Chapter Educational Program of lectures and demonstrations despite the doubts of many as to its potential success. For them she has been a continuing sparkplug to our Plant Sales, so helpful to the beginning collector. Largely due to her efforts, both of these programs have a remarkable history of success. She has given her friendship, time, and labor - even her plants! - to beginners to help their interest and knowledge along. In so doing, she has been one of the single most important influences in building the New York Chapter to its present large and active membership.
As a Committee Chairman, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, Flower Show Chairman, and finally as President of our Chapter from 19681970, Betty Hager has always been first to call with an offer of help, first to appear when work was to be done and last to leave. She is still as dependably helpful as ever as a Past President. As a token of official thanks from the Chapter, and of warm personal gratitude and regard from each of us who has felt her influence on this part of his life, the New York Chapter wishes to present Betty Hager with the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.