QBARS - v25n4 New York Chapter Awards

New York Chapter Awards

In recognition of his many unselfish contributions to the New York Chapter, Ray Kruse, one of our outstanding nurserymen, was presented with an English Pewter Cup, as a token of our esteem. Vice President Dennis Stewart spoke of Ray's generous participation in Chapter Plant Sales where his emphasis has always been on helping the newer member obtain hardy specimen plants at a reasonable cost. His experiences in propagating and growing are shared with new and older members alike, and many a person has left his nursery not only richer in knowledge but also with one of Ray's exceptional plants for the garden. Ray chaired two outstanding garden exhibits at the New York International Flower Show and received a Gold Medal Award. He has lectured at our Educational Sessions where his pruning demonstration will never be forgotten! Ray has served as a Board Member, as Chairman of Nominations, on the Species Committee, and as a Judge at our Chapter Flower Show.

New York Chapter Flower Show
FIG: 76. The winning entries and silver
bowls at the Walt Whitman
Flower Show held by the New
York Chapter, ARS on May 22,
1971; (left to right) Sekidera x
Glacier - Bob Emmerlich;
Wheatley - Sidney Burns;
Narcissiflora - R. C. Bisso.
NY Chapter Best in Show Truss
FIG: 77. Dorothy Schlaikjer with a Dexter
seedling rhododendron and the
Silver Bowl it received at the
Walt Whitman Flower Show,
May 22, 1971 as Best of Show
for Potted Plants

President Fred Knapp made the second Cup presentation to Erik Jorgensen stating that Erik served admirably as a Board member followed by three terms as Vice President. As Chairman of our Walt Whitman Shopping Center Shows, Erik set a high standard for our mid-season show encouraging publicity for the ARS through means of educational displays, newspaper and radio coverage, thereby increasing membership interest. His executive ability and cheerful outlook established a rapport with his fellow volunteers, influencing participation. Erik not only has been involved in our other Chapter shows and exhibits, but has served on the Plant Sale Committee. His small but fascinating garden was an inspiration to all during our May garden tour where he explained his method of propagation in his self-built greenhouse.
Betty Hager then spoke about Douglas Tonge. Doug initiated our Plant Sales about eight years ago when he realized many newer members could not obtain plants readily. He conceived the idea of encouraging our more advanced collectors to bring in extra plants for sale at a reasonable cost, and then supplemented this with plants from cooperative nurserymen. The response was immediate as members were delighted to be able to obtain unusual plants. The sales have continued to be a highlight of Chapter activities and has steadily increased our membership as well as benefiting our treasury. Doug has served as Treasurer, is an active Board Member, and is a willing and enthusiastic volunteer, with his wife Leslie, at our Flower Shows. A Cup was presented to Doug, in gratitude.