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R. bullatum x 'Else Frye'
J. P. Evans, M.D., Oakland, California

The seed parent, R. bullatum, is a clone from the Del James species plant. It has won numerous awards in the Northwest as an outstanding foliage plant. The pollen parent is the well known R. 'Else Frye' named by Dr. P. J. Bowman of the California Chapter. The plant was obtained by the Bowmans from Else Frye of Seattle. The parentage is not specifically known but appears to be a R. bullatum maddenii hybrid and is highly regarded on the West Coast for its truss color and substance as well as fragrance.
This unnamed hybrid has the superb foliage of R. bullatum with marked setose petioles and indumentum. It has retained the good substance, aroma and the pastel coloring of the corolla of the pollen parent plant. It is now seven years from seed, two feet tall and three feet wide, and makes a nice garden plant.