QBARS - v26n1 R. aurigeranum x 'Pink' Delight'

R. aurigeranum x 'Pink Delight'
J. P. Evans, M.D., Oakland, California

R. aurigeranrnn x 'Pink Delight'
R. aurigeranum x 'Pink Delight'
Photo by J. P. Evans, M.D.

R. aurigeranum is a native species of New Guinea and is found there as a shrub 3 - 6 feet in height. It has orange-yellow funnel shaped corollas 3 inches long with 8 to 10 per truss. This species was first described in 1960 by Sleumer. R. "Pink Delight" is a complex parentage Javanicum hybrid dating back to the late 19th century hybridizing efforts of the Veitch collection.
We are indebted to Tom Lelliott of Australia for this hybrid. It was grown from seed sent to Pete Sullivan of Strybing Arboretum. And it further illustrates the wide range of pastel colors in yellow-orange, pink-red possibilities that the Vireya section has to offer. It's corollas are the size of R. aurigeranum with superb shades of watermelon pink which show subtle color change depending upon the individual maturity of the florets of the truss. This plant has good growth habit and would be an addition to outdoor gardens where it can be grown; and to green house culture anywhere.