QBARS - v26n1 Bronze Medal Citation for Charles Herbert

Philadelphia Chapter Bronze Medal Citation To Charles Herbert

Charles Herbert Bronze Medal
Mr. Charles Herbert accepting the A.R.S.
Bronze Medal from Dr. Carl Phetteplace
at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

WHEREAS, you possess a great enthusiasm and an extensive knowledge of the genus Rhododendron and have used these attributes to the benefit of the genus in a number of ways, to wit; the collection of many valuable species and hybrids, the dissemination of plants, cuttings, pollen and seed nationally as well as locally:
WHEREAS, you have had a vast influence on many other people in relation to the genus in numerous ways, to wit; you have kindled their interest in using the genus in their landscapes, you have inspired them to great productive efforts and provided counsel and facilities for their work, you have accumulated your own excellent color slides and have not only used these in many presentations but have made them available for others, you have willingly shared your great storehouse of knowledge of the genus:
WHEREAS, you have demonstrated your interest in the society in several ways, to wit; by being a charter member and a past president of two chapters and by providing the present meeting place for one;
BE IT THEREFORE KNOWN that the Philadelphia Chapter hereby confers upon you, Charles Herbert, the Bronze Medal Award of the American Rhododendron Society on this fourteenth day of May, 1971.