QBARS - v26n2 R. 'Golden Star'

Fred Knapp, Locust Valley, N.Y.

R. 'Golden Star'
R. 'Golden Star'
Photo by Dr. Carl Phetteplace in his own garden.

This cross was made by Don Hardgrove on Long Island not long ago. It is R. fortunei x R. croceum , a very successful primary cross with a yellow flower and great possibilities for further hybridization. This plant has good habit and good leaves and clear yellow color rarely found in plants able to wrestle with the Northeastern climate. It has hardiness quite adequate for the coastal areas on Long Island, but perhaps not quite up to the coldest central areas. With respect to the quality of its color, the best recommendation - as well as the photograph reproduced herein - comes from Dr. Phetteplace. Dr. Phetteplace obtained a plant recently from Sid Burns on Long Island, and when it bloomed for him was so impressed that he forwarded the photo to Sid with the statement that he thought the color and overall impact better than 'Crest'!