QBARS - v26n2 Bronze Medal Award Citation for Alfred S. Martin


Alfred S. Martin
FIG. 42. Alfred S. Martin, Eastern Vice-President A.R.S. (right)
receiving Bronze Medal Award from Emerson A. Reed,
President Philadelphia Chapter (left) October 17, 1971.
Photo by Wilbert Cressman

For many years you have exhibited a profound interest in the genus Rhododendron , including both species and hybrids, extending from their propagation to their culture, from their dissemination to their display.
For numerous shows, exhibits and programs you have contributed extensively of your resources, ranging from plant material to planning, from physical labor to presentations and from general overall support to encouragement of others.
For the benefit of the Society you have given extensively of your time and energy at the chapter, regional and national levels. At each of these scenes your experience, knowledge and sagacity have led to wise council, outstanding leadership and the success of their programs.
For these many qualities, the Philadelphia Chapter is pleased to express its appreciation of your endeavors, and in symbolism thereof extends to you Alfred S. Martin, the Bronze Medal Award of the American Rhododendron Society on this seventeenth day of October, 1971.