QBARS - v26n3 American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal Awards and Citations - 1972

The American Rhododendron Society
Gold Medal Awards and Citations - 1972

To Maurice H. Summer of San Francisco, Calif. Maurice Sumner, for over a quarter of a century you have served the ARS in a wide range of capacities with selfless dedication and with remarkable skill.

You were an organizing member of the California Chapter, and have served as its President and continuing guiding spirit. As a hybridizer and plant collector and distributor, you have generously enriched our gardens; and as a judge, speaker, author, board member, committeeman on countless occasions and international ambassador of good will, you have greatly enriched our Society and have beyond measure given the sort of service that enables volunteer organizations to continue. You have, it must be admitted, had the advantage of having your remarkable wife Frances at your side throughout your service.
Maurice Sumner, you have brought to all tasks a most extraordinary humanity and have established the highest possible standards of public service and personal humility. We, the American Rhododendron Society, are thus honored to present to you our highest honor, our Gold Medal, on this 28th day of April, 1972.

Maurice Sumner Gold Medal Donald McClure Gold Medal
FIG. 56. Maurice Sumner upon receiving his
citation from President Robert Ticknor.
Jock Brydon photo
FIG. 57. A.R.S. President Ticknor
presenting citation to Donald
McClure. Jock Brydon photo

To Donald H. McClure of Seattle, Wash.

In recognition of your long record of service to the American Rhododendron Society, spanning two decades, and to the Genus Rhododendron;
For the leadership you have given the Seattle Chapter, particularly during its formative years, as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and three term President - a period of growth and expansion during which many new activities, including the Study Group, were launched and nurtured;
For your accomplishments as Show Chairman, using your annual vacations to devote full time to the success of these events, which are remembered for their scope and beauty-and as standards with which subsequent shows have been compared;
For long and faithful service on the Board of Directors of the Society; For your steadfast efforts to improve the quality of rhododendrons available to the gardening public, through your contributions as Chairman of the Awards Program, and by personal example - growing, selecting, sharing, and encouraging these interests in others;
And for continuing to give generously of your time - lecturing, judging, and serving on many committees, always willingly,
The American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present to you, Don McClure its highest tribute, the Gold Medal.