QBARS - v26n3 American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry

Names and descriptions of new American varieties (clones) will be published after the requirements for registration are met. You are urged to submit proposed names to the A.R.S. Plant Registrar before they are actually used. There are thousands of names already in use and a name to be registered must not have been used before and must meet the requirements of the International Code of Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants - 1969.  Requests to register names must be submitted wilt A.R.S. Plant Registration Cards (revised 1972), completed as fully as possible to the A.R.S. Plant Registrar, Edwin K. Parker, Rt. 2, Box 35, Astoria, Or 97103. A $2.00 FEE IS CHARGED FOR EACH NAME REGISTERED, and should accompany the request for registration. Proposed names and descriptions will be checked by the A.R.S. Plant Registrar and then sent to the International Rhododendron Registrar for final approval and registration.

APPLAUSE : catawbiense var. album 'Catalgla' x ('Adriaan Koster' x williamsianum). Flowers white, openly campanulate, 5-lobed, 2-3/8" in diameter, with very faint ivory longitudinal shading on 3 dorsal lobes, 11 to a firm, full, globular truss 5" across. Stamens brown. Calyx green, rimmed red, 1/16" long, Pedicels dark red. Flowers of unusually heavy substance. Leaves elliptic, 2¼ x 4½ ", convex, medium green, with broadly apiculate apices, and rounded bases. Petioles greenish yellow. Plant very dense, 5' tall, 6' broad, 13 years from seed. Early midseason. Hardy to -18°.
BALLAD : Dexter L-1 x 'America'. Flowers very pale purple (7.5 P 8.3/5) edged moderate purplish pink (10 P 7/7), deeper on the reverse, bold dorsal dark red blotch, (2.5 R 3/7), openly campanulate, 2¾" in diameter, 6 to 7 lobes, 15 to a firm, full pyramidal truss 6" in diameter. Stamens and style white; stigma red. Calyx 1/16", green rimmed pink. Pedicel 1¼" long, green, reddish dorsally. Leaves narrowly obovate, 2 x 4¼", medium green, with apiculate apices and cuneate bases. Petioles yellowish green. Plant 4' tall, 7' broad, 18 years from seed. Foliage density average. Late mid-season. Hardy to -15°.
BOMBAY : [( scyphocalyx x kyawii ) x catawbiense var. album 'Catalgla'] x ( catawbiense var. album 'Catalgla' x wardii ). Flowers brilliant greenish-yellow (7.5 Y 10/8), darker outside, with dorsal blotch vivid greenish yellow (7.5Y8/12) and dorsal spotting, lobed campanulate, 1¾" in diameter, 12 to 14 in a medium full mound-shaped truss 5" across. Stamens white. Minute green calyx. Green pedicels 1 3/8 long. Leaves elliptic, 3 7 /8 x 1¾ ", dark green, slightly convex, with apiculate apices and cuneate-oblique bases. Petioles greenish yellow. Plant of superior density, 30" tall, 26" broad, 11 years from seed. Early, opening over an unusually long season. Hardy to -10°
CALCUTTA : ( scyphocalyx x kyawii ) x catawbiense var. album 'Catalgla'. Buds strong orange (2.5 YR 7/10). Flowers brilliant yellow (5Y9.5/9) thinly edged strong orange (2.5YR7/10) and with similar suffusion at the bases, 5-lobed, with scattered sparse brown spotting, 1½" in diameter, tubular campanulate. Lax, pendulous truss, 6" across, with 13 florets, exhibiting red basal nectaries. Minute green calyx. Green pedicels, 1½" in length. Leaves oblanceolate, dark green, 1¾ x 4 3 /8 ", with apiculate apices and cuneate bases. Very faint, fugitive indumentum. Pubescent gray petioles. Plant 3' tall, 6½' broad, 20 years from seed, of superior foliage density. Blooming season: late. Semi-dwarf. Hardy to -18°.
: A superior form of R. calendulaceum, with flowers in the wild approximately twice usual size, collected by David G. Leach. Description will be published later.
DOLLY MADISON : catawbiense var. album x [ fortunei x ( arboreum x griffithianum )]. Flowers white, openly campanulate, 5-lobed, 3¼" in diameter, with moderate reddish brown (7.5113/6) dual rayed dorsal blotch. Full truss, 7" across, with 12 to 13 florets. Calyx 1/16", green. Pedicels 1 3 /8 ", green. Leaves oblanceolate, flat, dark green, semi-glossy, 2½ x 6 1 /8 ", with apiculate apices and cuneate bases. Petioles yellowish green. Plant 5' tall, 9' broad, 21 years from seed, of average foliage density. Early mid-season. Hardy to -20°.
INCA CHIEF : 'Mars' x ('Mars' x catawbiense var. rubrum ). Flowers strong purplish red (10 RP 3.5/12) with deep purplish red arch-shaped dorsal blotch on lighter ground, 5- to 6-lobed, rotate campanulate, to 3" in diameter, 17 to 18 florets in a firm, globular truss 7½" across. Anthers nearly white; style red. Minute red calyx. Reddish pedicels 2" long. Leaves elliptic, medium green 2 1 / 8 x 5", convex, with apiculate apices and cuneate bases. Petioles greenish yellow. Plant 4½' tall, 3½' broad 13 years from seed, of upright habit and medium foliage density. Mid-season. Hardy to -20°.
POPPINJAY : ( maximum x catawbiense ) x [ dichroanthum x ( discolor x campylocarpum )]. Buds strong red (2.5 R 5/12). Flowers brilliant greenish yellow (7.5 Y 10/8) with dorsal blotch strong yellow (2.5 Y 7/10) and dorsal suffusion and spotting of similar color. Exterior of corolla boldly striped and suffused strong red (2.5 R 5/12). Florets openly campanulate, 5to 6-lobed, 2¾" in diameter, 17 to a globular truss 6" in diameter. Style and stamens pinkish. Calyx 1 /8 ", reddish. Pedicels, 1½", dark red dorsally. Corollas of unusually heavy substance. Dormant floral buds with scales. Leaves lanceolate, dull dark green, 1 7 / 8 x 5", with undulant margins and minute white stippling; apices apiculate, bases cuneate. Petioles brownish red at bases. Plant 4' tall, 6'6" broad, 20 years from seed. Habit broad, somewhat open. Very late. Hardy to -20 ° .
ROBIN LEACH : catawbiense var. album 'Catalgla' x ('Adrian Koster' x williamsianum ). Flowers white, with faint reddish dorsal spotting, ageing ochre, openly campanulate, 5-to 6-lobed, 3" in diameter. 7 to a globular, medium full truss, 5½" in diameter. Anthers dark brown. Calyx 3/32", green, rimmed red. Pedicels, 1½", dorsally rufous, ventrally green. Leaves ovate, very convex, down-turned, medium green, 2- 1 /16 x 3 1 /8 ", with slightly apiculate apices and cordate bases. Petioles yellowish green. Plant semi-dwarf, very densely foliaged, of broad habit, 36" tall, 52" broad; 13 years from seed. Early. Hardy to -20°.
SCARLET BLAST : 'Mars x ('Mars' x catawbiense var. rubrum ). Corollas dark red (2.5 R 3.5/8) shading to moderate red (2.5 R 4/10) with light yellowish pink (2.5 YR 10/3) dorsal blotch and a few moderate orange-yellow spots, rotate-campanulate, 2 5 / 8 " in diameter, 17 to a firm, full truss of pyramidal form, 6" in diameter. Flowers 5-lobed and with 5 light yellowish pink basal pouches. Stamens and stigma red. Minute calyx green, rimmed red. Green pedicels 1 3 /8 " in length. Leaves dark green, elliptic, convex, sub-coriaceous, 2 x 4¾", with apiculate apices and rounded bases. Petioles dorsally reddish. Plant 36" tall, 48" broad, 13 years from seed, of broad habit and open foliage density. Midseason. Hardy to –20°.
SMALL WONDER : 'Fanfare' x ('Prometheus' x forrestii var. repens ). Corollas dark red (2.5 R 3.5/10), with small light centers and 5 conspicuous basal nectaries, openly campanulate, 5-lobed, 2 1 /8 " in diameter, 7 to a medium full, globular truss 4½" across. Anthers tan. Reddish calyx 1 /16 " long; reddish pedicels 1¼" in length. Leaves narrowly elliptic, medium green, slightly convex, sub-coriaceous, 1¼ x 3", with apiculate apices and cuneate bases. Petioles yellowish green. Plant dwarf, exceptionally densely foliaged, 34" tall, 66" broad, 15 years from seed. Early. Hardy to -15°.
SPRING FROLIC : catawbiense var. album x yakushimanum , F.C.C. White flowers opening from clear pink buds in an inflorescence closely resembling R. yakushimanum . Exceptionally floriferous. Leaves elliptic, dark green, 1 7 / 8 " x 4½ ", with thin, brown, fugitive indumentum. Foliage held 3 years with leaves glabrous after 1 year. Leaf apexes acute, bases cuneate. New growth farinose, brown, for several weeks. Petioles initially reddish and pubescent, after 1 year yellowish green and glabrous. Plant 4½' tall, 5' broad, 19 years from seed. Semi-dwarf, very dense foliage. Early. Hardy to -25°.
VIRGINIA LEACH : [ ( maximum x catawbiense ) x [ dichroanthum x ( discolor x campylocarpum ) ] ] X ( catawbiense var. album x [ dichroanthum x griersonianum ] ). Corollas brilliant greenish yellow (7.5Y10/7) with ¼" rim of strong purplish pink (7.5 RP - 7/10), deepening at the edge; dorsal lobe is deeper yellow (7.5 Y 9/8), with blotch of faint brownish-orange spots. The garden effect is orange. Florets openly funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, 3" in diameter, 13 in a firm, full pyramidal truss 6" across. Style red at the pistil end; stigma red. Flower is partially hose-in-hose, with converted calyx lobes variably up to 1½" long of the same color as the corolla, and of exceptionally heavy substance. Leaves oblanceolate, dark green, slightly concave, 1¾ x 4½", with acute apices and cuneate bases. Petioles greenish yellow. Broadly growing plant of average foliage density and somewhat sinuous branching, 3' tall, 5' broad, 13 years from seed. Late midseason. Hardy to -15°.

(The preceding hybrids raised and introduced by David G. Leach, North Madison, Ohio.)

TAURUS : Cl. The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague x R. strigillosum . Raised (1962) and introduced (1970) by Frank D. Mossman, M.D., Vancouver, Wash., U.S.A. Plant full, vigorous, 5' x 5' in 9 years. Campanulate flower 3½" across, H.C.C. Turkey-red 721 in throat to Cherry-red 722 and Orient-red 819 on petals. Stamens, pistil, and calyx red. Black speckling on upper petal. Truss globular + or - 8" in diameter, 16 flowered. Leaves pointed, elliptic, deep green, up to 7", x 2¾", retained 3 years. Winter buds deep red. Blooms April -May. Hardy at least to 0° F.
WESTHAVEN : A selected clone of R. aberconwayi raised (1963) and introduced (1971) by Thomas J. McGuire, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Plant open, spreading, well-branched from base, 3½' x 3½' in 8 years. Leaves 3" x 1", oblong-elliptic, dark green, very stiff, retained 4 years. Flowers 3¼" across, flat, saucer-shaped with wavy margin; white with a few maroon spots on upper lobe. Truss conical of up to 15 flowers; to 6½" x 7½". Blooms in early May. Hardy to -5° F (Estimated.)