QBARS - v26n4 Bronze Medal Awards - Portland Chapter

Bronze Medal Awards - Portland Chapter

Bronze Medal recipients Charles McNew and Edgar Olsen
FIG. 93. Bronze Medal recipients: Charles McNew (L) and Edgar Olsen (R)
Bronze medal Citation
FIG. 94. Mrs. Julius Winters receiving the Bronze Citation for
Julius, from Dr. David Goheen.
Frank Mossman photos

The Bronze Medal Citations for 1972 from the Portland Chapter were awarded this year with special honor to three members who had given much of themselves over many years to the well-being and advancement of the Portland Chapter. Charles McNew from Longview, Washington was delightfully downright flabbergasted to hear about his efforts as the citation was read. Edgar Olsen in his turn was very pleased, but Julius Winters home in bed recovering with stitches in a lip badly cut from a recalcitrant tool while working on his latest Rhododendron Gardens project might well have been the most elated. It is devoted members like these who keep our rhododendron world going.