QBARS - v27n1 San Mateo Chapter Holds First Annual Show

San Mateo Chapter Holds First Annual Show
H. W. Oliver, Menlo Park, California

The first Annual Show of the San Mateo Chapter was held at Holbrook-Palmer Park, Atherton, California on May 6, 1972. Atherton is located about 28 miles south of San Francisco and Holbrook-Palmer is a choice setting with a back-drop of 2,000 rhododendrons contributed to the 22-acre park by the late Oliver Johnson.
About 500 trusses, sprays, and plants were entered in the show which was attended by a similar number of people. The following table lists the 15 entry classes and the names of the hybrids or species receiving ribbon awards:

R. 'Anna Rose Whitney'
FIG. 15. 'Anna Rose Whitney'
Best truss in San Mateo Show
Photo by H. W. Oliver

Hybrids 1 st 2 nd 3 rd
White 'Sappho' 'Martha Isaacson' 'Catawbiense Album'
Blush pink 'Cotton Candy' 'Scintillation'
Deep pink 'Anna Rose Whitney' 'Jan Dekens' 'Antoon van Welie'
Orange or Rose-red 'Cynthia' 'May Day' 'Fusilier'
Blue-red or Crimson 'Red Cloud' 'Noyo Chief'
Blue to purple 'Purple Splendor' 'President Lincoln' 'Fastuosum Plenum'
Yellow to orange 'Jade' 'Brookeanum' 'Autumn Gold'
Under 4 inches 'Pink Delight' 'Dr. Stocker' x 'Ryak' 'Apple Blossom'
Lepidote R. polyandrum R. odoriferum R. ferrugineum
Elepidote R. ponticum R. chlorops R. scyphocalyx
Deciduous Earn Seedling 'Klondike' 'Yellow Queen'
Evergreen azalea Satsuki 'Glamour' 'Freedom'
Rhod.-hybrid or species 'Purple Splendor' R. nitens 'Purple Splendor'
Azalea-evergreen or deciduous 'Copperman' 'Cloud Nine' 'R. kiusianum'
Photographs 'Honeymoon'

In addition, seven perpetual trophies were awarded, the Sweepstakes trophy going to Hadley Osborn who was still recovering from directing the National Meetings in San Francisco April 26-30.
Judging was carried out in grand fashion by Maurice Sumner who grows no less than 5,000 of his own new hybrid seedlings on his hilltop in San Francisco; Mel Allen, a commercial grower near Santa Cruz, and Stewart Barber who must be the largest grower of deciduous azaleas in California. Nearly the whole chapter of about 70 members contributed to the show and are enthusiastically looking forward to increasing the number of trophy and ribbon awards next year. All ARS members are invited to enter.