QBARS - v27n2 Portland Chapter Bronze Medal Awards

Portland Chapter Bronze Medal Awards
S. Berthelsdorf, M.D., Portland, OR

The Portland chapter granted the well deserved honors of the Bronze medal and Citation to two members at the Annual meeting in April this year; recipients were Mrs. Janet Binford and Mrs. Betty Sheedy. Both have contributed enormously to the pleasantness of the meetings and welfare of the organization.
The outstanding contribution of Mrs. Binford has been her work at the entrance during the meetings, greeting the newcomers, old and new alike, providing nameplates and acting in the multiple subtle ways as a hostess, providing a smoothness in the total operation of the meetings. Mrs. Sheedy's outstanding contribution has been in the organization and maintenance of our Rhododendron News Letter, a publication coming monthly during the period of the meetings, and containing pertinent information which contributes to the functioning of the chapter. Both have also been active in many other ways, in our rhododendron garden, at the board and chapter meetings, and in the resources of their own homes with a most commendable devotion to the Chapter.