QBARS - v27n2 R. 'Chikor'

R. 'Chikor'
Molly Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Rhododendron 'Chikor'
R. 'Chikor'
Photo by Cecil Smith

Yellow rhododendrons attract attention and when we were in England in the spring of 1971 we found the English enthusiastic about 'Chikor' at the various shows and garden tours.
R. 'Chikor' was raised by E. H. M. Cox and Peter Cox at Gendoick, Scotland. It was the first hybrid out of R. ludlowii . This hardy little Tibetan species has saucer-shaped flowers, an inch in diameter, but has not proven to be an easy plant. The other parent is R. chryseum , considered to be the best of the yellow Lapponicums.
In 1962 'Chikor' received an A. M. and in 1968 the F.C.C. at the Wisley Trials. It is easy to grow, blooming in May. So far it has remained under a foot in height with a spread greater than that.
The funnel-shaped flowers are fully expanded and a little over an inch in diameter with slightly wavy margins. There is some deep though faint yellow, spotting in the throat. The trusses of five to six flowers are compact and dome-shaped.
The foliage is an attractive, somewhat shiny, green on this compact, free-flowering shrub.