QBARS - v27n2 Dexter Rhododendron Cultivar Progress Report No. 2

Dexter Rhododendron Cultivar Progress Report Number Two
Heman A. Howard, Horticulturist
Heritage Plantation, Sandwich, Mass.

It has been a little over a year since the first Progress Report was printed. At that time copies were sent to all those replying to the original Dexter Appeal as well as to all Chapters of the American Rhododendron Society. Since then over two hundred additional requests have been received and copies of the Progress Report mailed free of charge to all making this request. This should be taken as a very encouraging sign that information pertaining to the "Dexters" is still much in demand.
Last summer preparatory work was started on our future Display Garden of Dexter Rhododendrons. An ideal site was selected extending from the southern end of the Military Museum to the west side of the new Arts and Crafts Museum. Future expansion was considered when this beautiful valley was chosen. Most of the existing trees in this area are native Black and White Oaks, Pignut Hickories, along with our Cape Cod Pitch Pines and Canada Hemlocks. These trees have been pruned of all dead wood and thinned to allow for filtered sunlight. At the same time all weed plants and undesirable undergrowth were removed.
By fall the site was ready for planting, at which time eighty Dexter Rhododendrons representing thirty-five cultivars were set out. These plants though small, varying in height from one and one-half to four feet, should adapt quickly to their new surroundings to form the nucleus for future plantings. To supplement these plants, additional Mountain-Laurels and Hollies were also planted.
At the time the last Progress Report was printed (January 1972) there were seventy-nine known Dexter cultivars in cultivation, since that time much has happened that should interest all rhododendron growers.
A well qualified group of rhododendron enthusiasts are very much interested in publishing a much needed book to include the works of several Eastern United States rhododendron hybridizers. With this in mind John C. Wister was persuaded to name, with any assistance he needed, the best of the Rhododendrons he has been growing under number for many years. This will include the plants growing in his own garden as well as those at Swarthmore College and the John T. Tyler Arboretum at Lima, Pa.
Much thought and effort went into this project by Wister and others. Several growers of Dexter Rhododendrons were contacted, the attempt being made to locate additional varieties being grown and sold by them. These names were accepted in most cases and the list has now grown to nearly 150 named cultivars.
At this time, we are seeking assistance and information from the growers of Dexter Rhododendrons, professional as well as amateur. It is a certainty that this large a number of cultivars does not differ enough to be individually named nor are all of a quality worthy of being included in this select group. It is also to be understood that one variety might rate very high in a locality where choice is limited and mediocre to poor where a large number of varieties thrive, when judging this factor should be taken into consideration. We would like to have your opinions on hardiness, also do the buds blast and does the plant have good foliage? Your replies to these questions will be greatly appreciated and may be sent to me at the Heritage Plantation, Box 566, Sandwich, Mass. 02563.
As this list grows so does the collection at Heritage Plantation where the number of Dexter cultivars now stands at 120. This collection consists of several original Dexter plants 40 to 50 years old, young plants obtained during the past three years, as well as cuttings received last fall and now being rooted. As soon as these young plants reach a reasonable size they will be planted in the Display Garden and elsewhere throughout our 76 acres.
Without the continued help of John C. Wister, former Director of the Arthur Hoyt Scott Horticultural Foundation, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.; The John J. Tyler Arboretum, Lima, Pa. and Roger Coggeshall, president, Cherry Hill Nurseries, West Newbury, Mass., this program would not have advanced so rapidly during these past three years.

List of Abbreviations and Symbols
American Rhododendron Hardiness Ratings
H-1 - 15 degrees to -30 degrees
H-2 - 5 degrees to -15 degrees
H-3 - 0 degrees to -5 degrees
Column A - Variety or Cultivar Name
Column B - Code number or other original identity
Column C - Named by or at
Column D - Flower color
Column E - Hardiness rating
Column F - Introduced by
Additional information on the Dexter
Rhododendrons has appeared in recent issues
of the Quarterly Bulletin:
Vol. 25, No. 1, January  1971,   Pg. 27
Vol. 25, No. 2, April      1971,   Pg. 109
Vol. 25, No. 3, July        1971,   Pg. 169
Vol. 25, No. 3, July        1971,   Pg. 175
Vol. 26, No. 2, April      1972

List of all Named Dexter Clones (As compiled by John Wister and Heman Howard, 1972.)

Acclaim (Sw 12507-12) Sw-Ty R
Accomac (Sw 12507-1) Sw R H-2 Indian Run
Accomplishment (Sw 12507-14) Sw-Ty R
Adelphia (Sw 12507-9) Sw-Ty R
Agatha (Sw 12507-17) Sw-Ty R
Alice Poore (Longwood 62612) (Probably selection of BPPM)
Alice in Wonderland (Ross AAA) Ty Pale
Amethyst (H. Phipps #8) Vossberg Purple H-2 Westbury
Andorra Arrington Andorra
Apple Blossom (Everitt #3) Everitt P H-2 Eastover
Arlequin (Sw 12507-5) Sw R
(Called Harlequin by Vossberg)
Aronimink (Sw 12507-3) Sw R H-2 Westbury
Ashes of Roses (Sel. at Winterthur) H. F. DuPont
Avondale (Sw 12507-6) Sw R H-2 Wells
Ben Mosely (B.P.P. Mosely #51-6 & 52-8) B. Mosely P H-2 Westbury
Barnstable (Brown #1) Sw-HP Salmon H-2
Bass River (Brown #14) Sw-HP P H-2
Betty Arrington (Had been sent out originally Arrington P H-2 Tranquility
and mistakenly as C.O.D. )
Betty Hume (NY #11, NYBG #165) Amateis P H-2 Baldsiefen
Black Cherry (Dexter #105) Knippenberg H-2 Knippenberg
Brewster (Brown #6) Sw-HP Lav. H-2
Brown Eyes (Bosley #1046A or #1052A) Bosley P H-2 Bosley
Bryantville (Brown #7) Sw-HP P H-2
Chalfont (Sw 60 R 6) Sw P
Champagne (NY #2, NYBG #A) Vossberg Yellow H-2 Westbury
Chatham (Dexter #23) Sw-HP P H-2
Cherry Red (Sel. #I1, Winterthur) H. F. duPont R Gladsgay?
Clearbrook (Sw 60 R 16) Sw W
Clover Coe (Planting Fields #99) Planting Fields
C. O. D. (Everitt #4) Everitt Creamy
Count Vitetti (Parker #1) Planting Fields
Cutalosa (Sw 60 R 24) Sw W
Delicate Splendor (Ross DD) Ty W
Dexter's Appleblossom (DE #631) Cowles P H-1 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Apricot (DE #225) Cowles Apricot H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Brandy-Green (DE #491) Cowles Cream H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Brick Red (DE #427) Cowles R H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Cream (DE #437) Cowles Cream H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Crown Pink (DE #600) Cowles P H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Favorite (Dexter #123) Amateis ? P Gladsgay ?
Dexter's Giant Red (DE #431) Cowles R H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Glow (DE #317) Cowles P H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Horizon (DE #480) Cowles P H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Orange (DE #296) Cowles Or. Red H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Orchid (Everitt #IA) Vossberg Lav. H-2 Westbury
Dexter's Peppermint (DE #215) Cowles P H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Pink (Everitt #12) Vossberg P H-2 Westbury
Dexter's Pink Glory (DE #219) Cowles P H-2 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Purple (NY #16, NYBG #203) Vossberg Purple H-2 Westbury
Dexter's Red (Morris #2) Vossberg R H-2 Westbury
Dexter's Salmon (De #62) Cowles P H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Spice (De #968) Cowles W H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Springtime (DE #314) Cowles P H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Vanilla (DE #997) Cowles Cream H-3 Dexter Estate
Dexter's Victoria (DE #441) Cowles Lav. H-1 Dexter Estate
Dorothy Russell (Sel. by Schwoebel) Schwoebel R H-2 Schwoebel
Eastham (Dexter #42) Sw-HP P H-2
Edgemont (Sw 60 R 4) Sw P
Edwin Beinecke (Sel at Beinecke Est.) Young
Elizabeth Poore B.P.P.M. #52-1) B.P P. Moseley
Emissary (Ross EE) Ty P
Everett Miller (U.S. Nat. Arb. #19364) Planting Fields
Fairhaven (Dexter #44) Sw-HP H-2
Festive Feast (Ross FF) Ty P
Flaming Snow (BPPM #53-16) Ty W
Fordham (NY #13, NYBG #201) Vossberg P Westbury
Forestdale (Dexter #128) Sw-HP R H-2
Gi-Gi (Ross GG) Burns R
Glenda Farrell (Ross RR) Ty R
Gloxineum (deWilde rec. fr. Dexter about 1940) deWilde P H-2 Rhodo-Lake
Glenolden (Sw 60 R 9) Sw P
Great Eastern (Dexter #109) Knippenberg P H-2 Knippenberg
Halesite (Parker #4) Vossberg P Westbury
Harwich (Dexter #108) Sw-HP P H-2
Hatchville (Dexter #121) Sw-HP H-2
Helen Everitt (Sel. Everitt) Everitt-Fuller W Westbury
Henry Coe (Parker #2) Planting Fields
Honeydew (Everitt #21) Vossberg Westbury
Hunting Hill (Ross HH) Ty P
Huntington (Parker #5) Vossberg P Westbury
John Wister (Dexter #201) Mulligan P H-2 Wells
Josephine Everitt (Everitt #5) Everitt P Eastover?
Katherine Slater (F. Brown) F. Brown P H-1 Weston
Kelley (Sw 12507-11) Herbert R
Kingswood (Sw 60 R 26) Sw P
Koster's Choice Everitt #6) Everitt P
Lady Decora (Sw 12506-1) Sw P
Lady of Belfield (Sw 12506-3) Sw P
Lady of June (Sw 12506-5 (12) ) Sw P
Lady of Vernon (Sw 12506-7) Sw W
Lady of Wakefield (Sw 12506-9 (10) ) Sw P
Lahaska (Sw 69 R 1) Sw P
Lavender Princess (Bosley #1021) Bosley Bosley
Louisa P. Delano (Everitt #?)
Madison Hill (Sw 12500-2) Sw P
Marshfield (Dexter #173) Sw-HP P H-2
May Moonlight (Sw 60 R 1) Sw Pale
Megansett (Dexter #187) Sw-HP Mauve H-2
Merley Cream (Dexter #62) Mulligan or Wells H-2 Wells
Moonlight Bay (Sw 60 R 3) Sw Apricot
Mr. W. R. Coe (Parker #10) Planting Fields P H-2
Mrs. H. B. Gardner (Everitt #8) Dexter (Cannot be certain)
Mrs. W. R. Coe (Parker #3) Coe, Plntg. Flds. P H-2 Westbury
Newburyport Beauty (Fowle #18) Sw P H-2
Newburyport Belle (Fowle #19) Sw P H-2
Newburyport Charm (Fowle #20) Sw W H-2
Oh Joy (Ross 00) Sw
Parker's Pink (Parker #1PP) Vossberg P H-2 Oliver of Eastover?
Peg Coe (Parker #7) Planting Fields
Peter Koster (See Koster's Choice)
Pink Sparkler (Vermuelen) Vermuelen P Vermuelen
Powder Puff (FMM #51-13) Knippenberg P Knippenberg
Quiet Quality (Ross QQ) Sw
Ramona (Named or Intro. in Cal.) R
Red House (Grown by Schwoebel) de Wilde R Rhodo-Lake
Red Velvet (Sw 12507-2) Knippenberg R Knippenberg
Red Yard (Grown by Schwoebel) deWilde R Rhodo-Lake
Robert Coe (Parker No number) Planting Fields
Sagamore Bayside (Dexter #16) Sw-HP P H-2
Sagamore Bridge (Dexter #180) Sw-HP P H-2
Scintillation (NY #1, NYBG #67) Vossberg P H-2 Westbury
Shawme Lake (Dexter #213) Sw-HP P H-2
Sherryvore Monarch (Beinecke-Goury 59-49) Young P
Skyglow (Dexter #9) Baldsiefen P H-2 Baldsiefen
Tan (Sel. at Winterthur) H. F. duPont
Teaticket (Dexter #218) Sw-HP Pale H-2
Tinicum (Sw 70 R 1) Sw
Toastmaster (Sw 70 R 2) Sw
Todmorden (Scott #1) Sw R H-2 Indian Run
Tohicon (Sw 70 R 3) Sw
Tom Everett (NY #4, NYBG #205) Politi P H-2 Wells
True Treasure (Ross TT) Sw P
Tulpehocken (Sw 70 R 4) Sw P
Up Front (Ross UU) Sw
Wareham (Willard #1) Sw P H-2
Warwick (Ross BB ?) Baldsiefen P H-1 Baldsiefen
Wellfleet (Dexter #8) Sw-HP H-2
Westbury (H. Phipps #3) Vossberg P H-2 Westbury
Weston (Sel. at Weston Nursery) Mezitt P H-1 Weston
Whittenton (Willard #5) Sw Cream H-2
Wiano (Willard #7) Sw Lav. H-2
Willard (Willard #2) Sw P H-2
William Rogers Coe (Parker #18) Planting Fields
Winneconnet (Willard #8) Sw Pale H-2
Winning Ways (Ross WW) Ty R
Wissahickon (Morris #3) Morris Arb. R H-2 Wells
Wyandanch Pink (Sel. at Wyandanch Ar.) Wyandanch P H-2 Wyandanch