QBARS - v27n2 Horticulture's Highest Award Goes to ARS Member

Horticulture's Highest Award Goes To ARS Member

Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Director of the National Arboretum in Washington, D. C. is the winner of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal for 1972. The announcement was made by the American Horticultural Society president, David G. Leach, at the organization's 27th annual Congress held in Seattle. The award is the highest honor that is given in the field of American horticulture. The award went to Skinner for his role in building the arboretum into a place of national and international prominence in the plant world.
A graduate of the Royal Horticultural Society Garden, Wisley, England, Skinner earned his doctorate at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He then became director of the Morris Arboretum, a part of the University of Pennsylvania at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Penn.
An accomplished author and lecturer, Skinner brings a freshness and enthusiasm to horticulture as well as to his many activities in broader areas of interest which have brought him lasting friendships in all parts of the country.